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Retro Living Room: Uniquely Oldies Inspirations

You may be already bored with modern concept of interior design as it is commonly accentuated by contemporary ideas. It is something reasonable since contemporary interior designs are now really general to be applied over today’s home living. Well, if it is then becoming a problem, so, why don’t you choose something older like retro.

Retro design is really suitable for you who prefer classic design but don’t want to be puzzled with the application of antique details. It is generally used in classical Victorian design.

Not only retro style is really chic and unique, you can also find it really warm and beautiful.

Here are several ideas you can try for having the retro style over your home living, particularly the living room.

  • The Main Concept of Retro Living Room

It seems common to associate the term retro with vintage style. There is actually no something wrong with such an opinion.

Something you should know is that the retro design points at more modern and newer era. It usually describes the situation and style of the eras of 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

Overall, the decoration along with furniture you should apply is being the combination and blending of vintage and modern designs.

Retro Living Room Chairs

If you are then rather confused with the type of furniture you need to choose, you can select the minimalist one. But you can add bold or pastel colors for making it more retro.

It is also no matter whether you want to apply it over large or small living room. If you think the living room you have is small enough, it seems you must lessen the color combination. It is to avoid the sense of stuffy and cramped.

  • The Details of Retro Living Room

Retro design also associates to certain details or patterns like floral, stripes, plaid and polka dot. It seems greater if you use one of those patterns as the main theme of living room.

But you have to notice the balance principle. So that, the atmosphere will not seem complicated and not comfortable.

Retro Living Room

If you already use the pattern as wallpaper, you should let the furniture plain although still in the same main color. On the other hand, if you prefer furniture with motif, the wallpaper should be plain and simple.

  • Retro Style Living Room Ideas and Inspirations

Still need ideas? We home some ideas with pictures to inspire you. Check it out!

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