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Uniquely Accent Chairs

The selection of furniture must simply influence the whole concept of interior decoration. It means that you have to think more what kind of furniture that you will choose before purchasing it. well, if you are one of the people who like something vintage or even classic, the application of accent chairs is something good to be tried.

By only hearing the name, you may simply imagine how this type of chairs look like. It is a kind of chairs in which there is a certain motif or pattern over its upholstery. The patterns which are commonly applied are floral, plain, stripes, zigzag, polka dot and the others. It is then becoming a reason why accent chairs are generally associated with the term of vintage or retro interior.

But of course, although this idea is really vintage or retro, you can actually combine it with other types of decoration which tend to be more modern and contemporary. Moreover, if you want to make your contemporary living room not too plain and monotonous. All you need to do is probably just matching the colors applied so that the whole concept can still be minimalist and simple. T

here are also other considerations while you want to use accent chairs beside the term of interior design. Yes, it is about the size of your living room. It seems you should avoid using it if you think the space you have is small or narrow enough. Overall, combination of small room and accent chairs can easily make the room look complicated and stuffy. Moreover, if you want to apply many colors over it.

Accent chairs or accent furniture will be better also to be combined with a kind of room which is not already having too many details. For an example, if you have already applied wallpaper with certain patterns over the living room, surely, you have to avoid the application of accent chairs. On the other hand, accent chairs will look greater when you combine it with a room with plain wall. Overall, this idea is mainly to balance the atmosphere so that the living room will be more comfortable.

However, if the accents applied are not too much or too complicated, it is actually no matter if you want to use it in a small room or room with wallpaper. More than that, just like selecting other type of furniture, you should also make sure that your accent chairs are made from qualified materials, so, they can be more durable and stronger.

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