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Unique and Beautiful Home Stair Trends 2013

You are tired when you are going up the stair, but sometimes, you are not tired when you are going up another stair. Why? The main cause of the problem depends on the inappropriate form and the size of the stair. It means that the form and the size of the stair are not suitable with the comfortable criterion. Therefore, the stair is going to make you tired. Furthermore, the comfortable stair is caused by the stair contruction that is not made the illustrastion of the stair as the orientation of the stair design.

The good criterion of the home stair trends 2013

There are many criterion of the home stair. The home stair must have the strong structure in order that when you are waliking on the stair, you do not feel afraid because you imagine that the stair will fall down. The amount and height of the stair-case must also be concerned. If you are wrong in calculating those, the home stair will be uncomfortable to use.

The ideal height of the stair-case is 20 cm up to 25 cm, but if the height of the stair-case is more than 25 cm, you will be tired when you are going up the home stair and the minimum length of the stair for Indonesian is 80 cm. Then, the beauty structure of the home stair must be concerned. The home stair must look clean so that it will beautify the home decor. After that, the models of the home stair can be modified based on your want, but you remain to consider the comfortable criterion. The color of the home stair also suits to the theme and the concept of the home decor itself.

The model of the home stair trends 2013

The minimalist home stair is one of the stair trends 2013 for your house. The minimalist home stair can be the solution for the narrow home. You are not necessary worry if your home is not too large so that you remain to have the elegant home stair.

Of course, you should also match the stair with your most preferable house style and design. Your home will look so elegant with the minimalist home stair trends 2013.

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