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Timeless 2015 Classic Home Decor

When talking about the most popular home decor nowadays, we may simply mention the modern or contemporary style and ideas. Indeed, as they are really designed in modern way, people tend to think that the modern home living is really stunning and stylish to be had. But actually, there are also many other ideas that you should try, including the classic ones. Well, for you who prefer the nuance of glamorous and classy, the ideas of classic home decor can be a good answer. Of course, it is not bad also to choose the ideas in this modern day. Even if you want, you can combine the classic home decor with such modern nuance. As long as you know how to combine them well, the result can be really stunning. Anyway, in this year, there are several ideas regarding the classic home decor that may inspire you. So, just check them out.

Antique Details and Furniture

Undeniably, the application of classic interior decoration cannot be separated from the presence of antique details and furniture. And it is like a must. When there is no antique detail at all, it means that the the sense of classic is already disappeared. As you may imagine, classic details whether for the decoration and furniture are signed by more lacy or floral carving. There are also more curvy cutting anywhere. Indeed, to have such furniture, you may pay more. But of course, the final result will not be disappointing.

The Colors

Another characteristic of classic home decoration is about the application of pastel or bold colors. even, it is great as well to use any metallic colors like gold or silver. Well, it is good to use them to make your home living totally classic. But in this 2015, it will be okay to choose any other colors which tend to look more “contemporary” like bright red, lime green, rustic brown and the others. Surely, they will not lessen the sense of classic inside.

Large Rooms

It commonly becomes the main problem when people want to apply the classic decoration. It is suggested that the space of th rooms should be larger. That is because of the more details will be applied. Of course, if your rooms are too small, it can produce the sense of cramped and uncomfortable. But if your home is quite small, you may trick it by lessening the amount of details and also choosing such warm or light pastel colors.

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