Things to Know Before Purchasing Kids Bedroom Sets

Decorating kids bedroom is really interesting and that’s why we cannot ignore the presence of kids bedroom sets. Of course, bedroom sets for kids should be different from those for adult. But maybe, it is still relevant if the furniture and accessories are still similar with those for teenagers. It is reasonable then to learn the important things about the kids stuff itself before starting to hunt them. So, what are they? Check them out.


Bedroom sets for kids are probably designed in much different ways from those for bedroom. They are commonly smaller in nature.

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But if you are really aware toward the quality of master or adult bedroom furniture, it seems you have to do the same thing for the kids bedroom. At least make sure the furniture purchased is quite durable for some years. Although you may have a plan to replace it when the kids are being teenager or young adult, that is no reason to choose one with low quality.


Talking about furniture quality means we also mention the main materials used. In fact, high-quality furniture must be made from good materials as well. If you love furniture made from wood, there are some types of wood recommended for you, let’s say teak – which is really strong but also expensive, mahogany, cherry wood, and the others.

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Don’t forget about its outer layer like the painting or varnish. Good outer layer simply makes the furniture more durable also and resistant to the attack of termite.


After making sure that the kids furniture is made from high quality materials, here we are now thinking about the design. As the kids are around 5 to 12 years old, make sure that you hear their own words. Those kids probably have their own expectation regarding the furniture placed in their bedroom.

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Maybe they love bunk bed than ordinary bed so that they can let their sister or friend to spend the night together. And even she is girl, maybe she loves navy or superhero design better than princess theme.


It seems much better to apply cheerful and light colors than the dark and neutral ones over kids bedroom. Or, if you are the kids want the bedroom look more neutral, white looks like more appropriate than brown or black.

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It is okay to apply more than one color at once to deepen the sense of cheerful. However, be sure that the color combination works well without giving the sense of cramped and uncomfortable.


One more thing which is not less important is about the size of each furniture. In general, the furniture must be loaded well in the bedroom by still remaining space. Therefore, it can still feel comfortable and not thermal. There are actually some ideas to lessen the use of space inside bedroom, like by placing bunkbed – if the room is used by more than one kid and also installing slide door.

Design Ideas and Inspirations for Kids Bedroom Sets

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