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Modern House Designs – Simple and Minimalist

Modern house designs are what to look up to if you want to decorate your home in a modern way. This style has been popular for quite a while now. Previously, the traditional design was a favorite choice for many people.

Modern and contemporary are two inseparable words. Though “contemporary” probably is not so familiar to you, it has been around for years. If you explore the history of modern design, you will see several cultures introduced it first. One popular belief is this style came from Old Hollywood.

Modern design is very synonymous with sleek furniture pieces. The use of wood tones is still popular, equipped with metal and other materials. Setting up a living space with this concept is a way to go. There are 3 important points that you should remember if you want to realize this home design concept.

Sleek Designs

Choose sleek furniture, modern furnishings and simple decor. Looking at these 3 points, you sure can feel some sort of minimalist vibes. Let’s start from choosing furniture. Natural materials are still used in the modern home designs. You don’t need to throw out your wood furniture because it is still needed.

Modern House Designs

To highlight this style, choose furniture pieces with sleek designs. There are many options to choose, but try upholstered chairs. These chairs are soft so that your guests will not feel sore while sitting on it. Loveseats can be a second option. These chairs actually serve the same function, but they differ in styles and looks. You can choose a sofa with geo patterns. Put wooden furniture along with metallic bases nearby.

Simple Designs

You can also punctuate every room with contemporary furnishings (Read: Enchanting Small Home Designs). Although you can throw some complicated elements to a room, keep them simple and uncluttered. It is an easy way to embody this style. Metal accents have become people’s favorite. A little amount of metal in a room will be a focal point and center of attention. Hence, this material is very appropriate as an ornament for your home.

Here are some ideas you can try. Deploy some white prints mixed with black frames. They would look more adorable and coherent with distressed elements, such as wood frames. Brushed nickel can be chosen to give a modern touch and create drama. It is important to connect all parts of a room. For example, the walls should be decorated the same way as the floor.

Modern House Designs 3

Uncluttered Designs

Whatever artwork, patterns, or accessories that you hang on the walls, they can also be applied to the floor. The use of metallic pieces can be extensive if you like that. Keep in mind that too much metallic accents will make your home look ultra modern. If you love that, then go ahead. Conversely, if you do not particularly like modern elements dominating the interior, add some traditional pieces.

Just for inspiration, you can choose gilded mirrors, chrome furniture, metallic flooring, or others. As for the traditional touch, wood can be a primary choice. Abstract decoration can also be selected to accentuate your home. If you strive to work on this design, then the smallest parts should also be considered. Abstract decoration can evoke a thrilling sensation of the modern style. Here are some ideas, ornate sculptures, wicker chairs, and animal prints.

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Modern House Designs 5

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Modern House Designs 7

Modern House Designs 2

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