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The Rustic Feel of Country Home Designs

The use of natural elements is recommended in the country home designs. They can give you a relaxing sensation. Determining a theme is important as it determines your direction to manage your home.

The country design has strong old school vibes. Not only does it look friendly with its decorative touch, but it also seems very natural. It is great to set up the home with this design theme.

Here are some tips that you can try. First, you must invest more for the walls and floors. These two areas must be decorated appropriately, like using hardwood. Wood is a material that best represents this style.

The Elements of Designs

You can make the home look more glamorous with painted stencil. It can be a replacement of a throw rug. Please put more emphasis on the natural elements. When it comes to color, you can choose paints that hold up very long. Brown and green are nice colors to symbolize this style. You can apply them to the furniture or any other area.

To enhance the beauty of your home, metallic light fixtures can be a perfect companion. Chandeliers bring classic into the house. Though these decorative lamps are more suitable with the traditional style, but you can also incorporate them to the country theme. Country and traditional have quite similar elements that are interchangeable, just like Contemporary Home Designs. Here are a few more ideas that you can try.


Flower vases are items that we often see in country homes. People usually display a vase containing flowers in the living room. However, in this style, a vase can act as a standalone decorative item. You do not need to put flowers into a vase. Just select a few vases with unique designs and place them on a table in the living room. You can also display table cloths with a checkerboard pattern.

Well, you do not have to put them in the living room. These items are best displayed in the kitchen. Checkerboard patterns will always bring back the country feel. It is an easy and inexpensive way to evoke the rustic feel of this style. Choose cloths with blue or yellow or a mix of the two. Do you love seeing plants living inside the home? Living plants will make good ornamentation for your home.

Decorative items for country home designs

To make the most benefits of this design for home, you can plant herbs or other plants that provide economic benefits. Each plant is basically beautiful. Go to a garden store to see some kinds of plants that would be nice for the patio or another room. If your living room is quite spacious, then medium-sized trees are good to opt for. Meanwhile, if your house is pretty small, then select plants that don’t grow too tall and big.

In relation to colors, some plants have such beautiful and dazzling colors. Some appliances also have a typical country feeling. For example, cast iron pans can be placed in the kitchen. If you love cooking and frequently use pans to bake dishes, then it is good to buy cast iron pans. You can also buy a teapot made ​​from the same material. Drinking tea in the patio and having conversations with friends is so joyful.

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