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Stunningly Blue Living Room

You probably have a plan to renovate or decorate your living room in this near future. Well, the decision of renovating the living room can be done for many reasons, one of them is that you are already bored with the color applied. then, you want to change the color to accentuate different atmosphere. If you are then already confused with the type of colors you want to apply, it seems that blue can be a good option.

Why should be blue? Yes, overall, blue can be categorized as a natural and earthy color. Therefore, you can just find it suitable to be applied in any condition of living room.

As an example of the flexibility of blue living room is that it can be applied well in both small or large space. Generally, it will not a big deal to apply any kind of color when your living room is large enough. However, if it is small then, it can be a problem since you should avoid applying the bright or dark colors too much.

Blue, on the other hand, tends to be neutral so that it can even be applied dominantly in such a small living room without making the room look cramped and uncomfortable. Besides, as it is an earthy color, it will be good if you need to feel more relaxing and refreshing in your own home living.

Another benefit regarding the blue living room is about its ability in matching any interior design, whether it is classic or modern.

Of course, if you want to match the blue painting with contemporary design, you should prepare the furniture and items which are in contemporary style as well. On the other hand, the classical interior design can also be accentuated perfectly when you blend the blue coloring with furniture and accessories in more classical details. I

nterestingly, you can also build your own theme by using blue as the main color idea, let’s say the marine or coastal living room decoration. If you are interested in such ideas, all you need to do then is by purchasing more accessories in coastal or beach ideas.

Although it is said that blue can be applied in any condition, you should bot forget to concern with other matters which can support your living room’s comfort. They can be in the form of more windows and ventilation and also the placement of planthouses or flowers.

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