Stunning Ideas for Girl Bedroom

Designing and decorating the bedroom of children are really interesting, indeed although it means we have to spend more budgets for this. However, if it then makes you satisfied and proud, it seems no matter with the money must be spent. For the girl bedroom, it is so common for people to associate it with pink coloring and lacy cloths. Surely, it is not always like that, there are many other beautiful colors you can try or you can just share it with your daughter at first. Here are then several ideas of girl bedroom you can try. So, just continue your reading.

To give more sense of feminine and girly over the bedroom, you can actually try the ideas of vintage or shabby chic designs. Those two interior designs are mainly signed by the application of lacy curtain, bedcover, table cloth and also classic furniture. Besides, it is better to be combined with pastel colors rather than the bright ones. if your daughter is still a little, you can add certain themes like Barbie, Hello Kitty and Disney Princess on it.

Vintage and shabby chic designs are not the only ideas to represent the femininity. If your daugher may prefer something simple, modern or contemporary design is another type of interior designs to be tried. Yes, contemporary design is related to something simple and minimalist, indeed so that people may use such neutral colors like white or rustic brown. However, since the bedroom is probably designed for little or teenage girl, you can then use other cheerful colors like red, orange, yellow or green.

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