Living Rooms

Stunning Designs for Living Room Furniture

Interior design is not only about the concept applied on the wall, ceiling or the floor. Yes, it is also related to the items placed, mainly the furniture. Good selection of furniture can simply improve the appearance or look of the room. On the other hand, if we select the wrong one, it can make the room look worse and even not comfortable.

Furniture placed on the living room is also something important to be thought. It is mainly by remembering that it is a front liner within our house where we commonly use it as a place for welcoming the guests. Of course, the designs of today’s furniture are really in variants whether in term of shapes, details and colors. Well, if you are already confused in choosing the living room furniture, some explanations below are probably able to inspire you.

The designs of living room furniture can be devided into several types, let’s say the classic, vintage, contemporary, rustic, shabby chic and many others. Certainly, each of them has its own characteristics which can be chosen based on your wants and taste.

One which is having so many enthusiasts in this modern day is the contemporary. Well, by noticing the name only, you may simply conclude that this style mainly explores the touch of modern. If classic furniture designs tend to represent so many details to make it look antique and expensive, in contrast, contemporary try to accentuate something simpe.

Although it is simple, contemporary living room furniture still gives the look of expensive and luxurious. This idea of furniture is also better to be applied in any kind of space whetehr it is narrow or large. Yes, since the details presented are less, it can lessen also the sense of cramped and complicated although it is applied on such a small room.

Rustic designs are also other ideas you can choose, particularly if you want to be different. Rustic, as it does in country designs, is mainly displaying more the sense of modest and coarse as well. However, people who love it think that this design is really unique and natural. Besides, the use of wooden accents without too many varnishing is also another reason why this design look different from the others. Shabby chic, on the other hand, tends to be more appropriate to be applied by women since the colors used are commonly in pastels. Besides, details which are in the form of lacy and floral also add the sense of feminine.

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