Stunning Bathroom Ideas Worth to Try in 2016

There are so many bathroom ideas developed recently and all of them are really stunning. Well, it depends on your taste of course by remembering that personal preference tends to be different from one to another. Moreover, it seems that today’s bathroom is not only for taking a bath and likes. You know, you should also be able to relax and refresh your mind there. Okay, so what are the ideas for bathroom worth to try in this 2016? Here are for you.

Minimalist Style

Talking about bathroom designs and ideas popular nowadays, it will not be far away from the term of modern and contemporary style. And yes, modern interior is closely related or even equals with minimalist idea. That is because modern design means less details and accents yet still elegant and luxurious. And for your bathroom, there are so many ways to realize this idea, starting from the application of plain furniture, neutral color, and even glass wall particularly when you live in an apartment.

Classic European Style

Literally, modern and classic are in contrast each others. And yes, classic means old and ancient but still magnificent to be applied even in these modern days. The term classic design itself actually has broader meanings  due to its relation to many traditional cultures. But if we talk about classic interior in general, it seems that the European style is the most relevant idea. Several designs like Victorian, French Country and maybe Gothic are really incredible. So, just pick out one of them and it can be perfect for your bathroom.

Rustic Design

Modern and classic styles are maybe really common and conventional to apply. But if you want to have a kind of unique bathroom, rustic design is a really good choice after all. Rustic is deepening the sense of coarse and jungle-like. But it is also focused on its artistic details. Several natural stuff like bamboo, wooden, and natural stones are really recommended here whether for wall decoration, floor, and also the furniture. Brown is also being the main color design used here. To lessen the sense of monotonous you can add other colors like white or black as the accents.

Country Design

Country and rustic designs are similar from one to another. But yes, rustic tends to be coarser. Meanwhile, country design is more focused on certain ideas like farm house or village areas. Lightwood and bamboo are more recommended whether for the furniture or wall decoration.

Natural Style

Everybody must love the application of natural stuff over home interior. Particularly for bathroom, it can be really matched well. Think about natural stone as the wall near the shower. Or maybe the placement of some green houseplants that can deepen the sense of refreshing.


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