Splendid 2015 Vintage Bedroom Ideas

Talking about home interior is something interesting, indeed. It is particularly if you have a plan to build your own home in this near future. Of course, the design you apply inside can just influence a lot whether you will feel comfortable to stay there or not. There are of course some rooms in the house. One of the room which is probably so important is the bedroom. Indeed, bedroom must represent the owners as a whole. Based on that fact, it is not something exaggerated that you may design it based on your taste and wants. Therefore, you can just do anything inside more comfortably. In term of the interior desig or style, there are actually so many ideas to be tried. Contemporary and modern designs are those which are really popular today. But that fact cannot just make that other styles are becoming out of date. Certain old ideas like vintage can also be chosen if you want. Here are then vintage bedroom ideas for 2015 you may apply in your bedroom.

Pastel Colors

Vintage styles are often associated with the application of pastel colors – although it is actually not a must. For you the women, it is then being a good tiding for you as you can just apply certain colors like pink, cream, baby blue, milky green and the likes. Interestingly, as those colors tend to be so smooth and soft, it is not bad to blend all of them at once without being worried that your bedroom will look cramped and stuffy. But how about the men’s room. Of course, it can be silly if the men apply pink over their bedroom. For that matter, it is not bad to apply other colors like maroon or rustic brown. In fact, they will not lessen the touch of vintage.

The Details

Different with contemporary style which tends to look minimalist, vintage or classic bedroom will be full of details. Well, it can be in the form of certain patterns for the wallpaper and furniture. Or, it can also be in the form of carving. But that’s what makes your bedroom really vintage. besides, it is good as well to put one furniture and ornaments in retro design. Even for your window, the idea of classic window sills will be really great. But since vintage style lets you have those many details, you should make sure that your bedroom is not too narrow. Besides, good lighting and ventilation is very needed for this.

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