Smart Ideas of Kitchen Island to Apply at Home

When talking about the furniture must be in the kitchen, it is like the kitchen island is one of them. Of course, there are still some other important stuff to be added like cabinets or maybe some stools. However, undeniably, your kitchen will not look complete without the presence of island. It is such interesting by remembering that there are many designs and ideas related to the islands. The one you like more surely depends on your own taste. But from those ideas, there are some of them that you should consider for its unique and elegant look. So, what are they? Check them out.

I Shape or U shape

In general, there are two main designs of kitchen island they are I and U shape. The application of each depends on the shape and size of the kitchen itself. For large kitchen, it is surely much more flexible which one to be chosen. But yes, it seems that your large and spacious kitchen will be good if it applies the I shape. I shape kitchen island can be used on the front part of kitchen and then it matches with some bar stools. If you don’t separate the kitchen with other rooms e.g. dining room, the I shape island can then be used as a partition.

Meanwhile, the “invention” of U shape island is mainly to solve the limited space problem inside a smaller kitchen. As the island is placed along the corner with the wall, usually together with cabinets, you can just simply remain more space on it.

Modern Design

The option whether you should pick out I shape or U shape island maybe must be decided in the beginning. Because, the next thing you have to do is considering its design and idea. From so many furniture designs available in the store, it seems you have to take a look the modern one at first. There are some reasons for this. Of course, modern design tends to be more up to date. The design in general also looks really classy although it is so minimalist. And the most important thing is that it is actually more flexible, it works well for both large and small kitchens.

Country Designs

Okay, you are probably not really into any modern-designed kitchen even though it is considered as the latest design. Don’t worry, there is still some other ideas for you, one of them is country. Country kitchen will remind you to the rural and farmhouse idea and it is so uniquely beautiful. This is actually such a classic idea presented in simpler and more modest look. And yap, you will not be regretful toward the final result later.

What is it made for?

The most common materials used for kitchen island is around wood, bamboo, marble as countertop and stainless steel. That’s okay, they are just great ideas. But how about trying another unique idea like island made from glass. This one can just deepen the sense of minimalist and contemporary over your kitchen easily.


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