Small Master Bedroom: 15 Super Stylish Ideas That Everyone Will Envy

If there’s anything we’ve learned from spending all those time drooling over the home decor section of Pinterest, is that with creativity and imagination, nothing can stop you from transforming a small master bedroom into a super stylish haven.

The key is balance and tons of multi-functional furniture with obscure storage space to keep the clutter away.

Let’s see how these small master bedroom will inspire you.

  • Beautiful Small Master Bedroom with Striped Walls

One way to make the room appear larger is by spreading the view with the stylish two-colored stripes. Make sure you only use neutral gradients, or it will not work.

Beautiful Small Master Bedroom With Striped Walls

Vary the size of each stripes to keep it dynamic and far from monotone.

  • Decorating with Window Desk

Not enough space to fit in a desk for working or studying? No worries, just place a wide plank on the bottom of the window to make a space for your activities.

Decorating Small Master Bedroom With Window Desk

The amazing city view and the warmth from the heater will compensate for the lack of desk in your bedroom.

  • Elegant Design with Mirrors

We all know how mirrors are awesome to give an illusion of a larger space, but it’s even better if the mirror is placed on a sliding door that opens to a built-in closet.

Elegant Small Master Bedroom Design With Mirrors

It will also keep your things in place without having to worry about cramping the bedroom.

  • Cozy Ideas

Whatever the size of your bedroom is, it’s imperative that the decor and everything inside offers a cozy and relaxing time at the end of the day.

Ideas For Small Master Bedroom

You can even combine different patterns and textures, as long as they are still in the same hue.

  • Master Bedroom Designs for Small Space

Are you looking for a way to transform your small master bedroom into an elegant and classy space? We highly recommend painting the walls with dark gray and use furniture with lighter shade.

Master Bedroom Designs For Small Space

Its like the crisp queen bed and the classy patterned bench. Don’t forget to add proper lighting to complete the overall elegant ambiance.

  • Simple Master Bedroom for Small Space

We all want to start the day with a refreshed positive feeling, don’t we? Adding pops of bright color and cheerful texture can help you achieve that goal.

Simple Master Bedroom For Small Space

Consider adding colorful rug, pastel bed cover, or patterned wallpaper to your small bedroom.

  • Classic Decor

If you’re the kind of person that uses bedroom exclusively for sleeping, then a small bedroom will suit you perfectly.

Small Master Bedroom Decor Classical Style

Make it easier to doze off with dark brown paint on the four walls, but keep it exciting enough to wake up in the morning with colorful pillows.

  • Small Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Plenty Storage

There’s a certain beauty in fully maximizing every inch of space in a small room, and this bedroom is the perfect example.

Small Master Bedroom Decorating Ideas With Plenty Storages

The bed is surrounded by custom-built cabinet and built-in drawers with mirrors, that provides an abundance of storage space to keep the bedroom clutter free.

  • Small Master Bedroom Design Ideas with Side Shelves

Pay attention to how the use of neutral gradients lends a spacious impression to this bedroom.

Small Master Bedroom Design Ideas With Side Shelves

We also love the way they stylishly framed the bed with shelves and drawers on either side, and also the addition of chic chrome benches on the end of the bed.

  • Retro Designs

Trying to pull-off the retro look with patterned wallpaper for your small bedroom?

Small Master Bedroom Designs Retro Inspired

The trick is, only line one side of the wall with the retro wallpaper and leave the rest plain – but it’s okay to add wall art to enhance the theme.

  • Vintage Concept

It’s totally possible to decorate your small master bedroom with vintage style decoration, but you might want to skip on the frills and intricate details for another room.

Small Master Bedroom Ideas Vintage Concept

Capture the vintage feel from the choice of furniture shape and color.

  • Modern Design with Storage

We absolutely love the calm and cozy atmosphere from the combination of wood and white, like the one you see in this picture.

Small Master Bedroom With Storage Modern Design

Somehow, it successfully able to ‘extend’ the bedroom and make us far from feeling cramped in a small space.

  • Bright and Airy Small Master Bedroom

Firstly, we’d like to point out that decent natural lighting will greatly improve the feel of your small bedroom.

Small Master Bedroom

Secondly, we are crushing on the wall art above the bed that invites the beautiful outdoor and blend everything together into a tranquil haven.

  • Small Master Bedroom with Accent Wall

Painting the walls behind the bed with different color than the others will shift your gaze and focus. In turn, it bringing the room to appear larger than actually is.

Small Modern Master Bedroom With Accent Wall

So, it doesn’t matter if your bedroom can only fit a bed and side tables. You still can totally transform the whole look just by changing the color on the accent wall.

  • Minimalist and Very Small Space

You would be amazed by how adding natural element to a small space will make a huge difference.

Very Small Master Bedroom Mnimalist Design

For example, consider using laminated vinyl flooring with slanted wood pattern and monochrome bamboo illustrations for the wallpaper.

Turn that frown upside down, because having a small master bedroom absolutely doesn’t mean that you should be sleeping in a cramped and boring room.

Copy some of the ideas above for your next bedroom make over, and enjoy life to the fullest.

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