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Small Dining Table: 15 Inspirations to Maximize House Space

A cozy, small dining table is the clever choice when you want to accommodate two to four people without cramping the space. The simple yet compact design of these dining tables will fit into every corner or can be easily placed against the walls.

Whether you’re working on a small space or there’s only two people living in the house, you will love to have one of these for your home.

  • Stainless and Wood Small Dining Table

Why would you need to make a reservation for two, when you can have a lovely dinner with your partner, right in the comfort of your home?

Beautiful Black Dining Chairs Contemporary Design With Small Rectangular Dining Table Wooden Top And Stainless Legs

Designed with a simple stainless frame and beautiful wood top, this dining table would easily go with any decor theme.

  • Black Iron Chairs and Small Round Glass Top Dining Table

Place a round decorative rug on a corner of your Mediteranian house, and complete with a gorgeous black iron dining set.

Black Iron Chairs With Small Round Glass Top Dining Tables

The curves on the iron pedestal, topped with a clear round glass, will bring a distinct beauty to adorn your tiny dining space.

  • Minimalist Small Dining Table with Grey Flooring

Are you looking for something that will keep it simple and minimalist without leaving away style and aesthetic?

Interesting Breakfast Nook With Dark Stools And Small Dining Tables On Grey Flooring

The bold character of this black dining table is balanced with the casual and comfortable look from the cushioned stools. It’s totally lovable.

  • Foldable Narrow Dining Table for Small Space

Foldable furniture are quite the rage these days, which is totally understandable seeing the compact and space-efficient features it offer.

Narrow Dining Table For Small Spaces Foldable

When you’re finished eating, simply fold the table and the chairs. Tuck it against the wall. So, you will have enough space for other things.

  • Chic and Creative Small Dining Room Table

Everyone living in a small space should definitely get their hands on this creative dining table.

Small Dining Room Table Chic And Decorative Style

Same as the previous one, this one is also attached to the wall and can be folded when not in use, keeping the space neat and tidy.

  • Small Dining Table Butterfly Leaf

The small table is designed to accommodate three people, but when you extend the side leaf, it will fit for up to five seating.

Small Dining Tables Butterfly Leaf With Dark Modern Wooden Dining Chairs

The wooden material and neutral upholstering will look perfect on a space right by the garden.

  • Futuristic Style Small Glass Dining Table

Don’t we all fancy a little futuristic feature for our small space?

Small Glass Dining Table Futuristic Style

The combination of metal legs and clear glass top, with curvy metal frames and crisp white chairs, will lend your dining area an aura of sophistication.

  • White and Wood Small Modern Dining Table

You know that dormant space right under the apartment window? That is exactly the perfect spot to place your small dining table.

Small Modern Dining Table Wood And White Color

Enjoy your breakfast and slowly watch the city comes to live in the morning or have a fascinating dinner with the city lights right outside the window.

  • Cottage Style Small Round Dining Table

Don’t cancel the date because of terrible weather, just move the venue to the comfort of your home.

Small Round Dining Table Cottage Style

A corner table for two, in a beautiful cottage style design, is enough to bring out a romantic feel while you and your partner enjoying a home-cooked dinner.

  • Compact Small Round White Dining Table

The small dining table is cleverly designed to easily tuck the chairs under it after use.

Small Round White Dining Table Compact Design

Everyone living in a small space know they need this kind of compactness to maximize every inch of space.

  • Small Space Dining Table for Narrow Area

Furnish the narrow area beside the kitchen with a small dining table for four, where you can entertain friends and relatives to try your new recipes.

Small Space Dining Table

Decorate the area with the addition of colorful paintings and flowers to make it more lively.

  • Cute Small Square Dining Table for Two

A cute and simple square dining table is all you need to complete all the functions in your home.

Small Square Dining Table Cute Design

You can totally replace the leather-upholstered chairs with exciting chevron or other patterned material to suit your personal taste.

  • Small White Contemporary Dining Table

We are so in love with the smart design of this contemporary dining table. Its with extra storage space and the possibility of extending the dining table for up to 6 seating.

Small White Dining Table Contemporary Design

After everyone done eating, you can place the dining ware on the drawers by the side of the table. Fold the leafs to make more space.

  • Clever Small Wood Dining Table

We love it when manufacturers come with an indigenous multi-functional design that can be easily brought into a small space.

Small Wood Dining Table

The rim of this dining table is purposefully designed to accommodate the backrest of the chairs.

  • Triangle Shape Small Dining Table

Lets comparing to the round and square dining tables. A triangle one will better fit a tiny space. Especially when it’s foldable.

Triangle Shape White Small Dining Table With Black Chairs

Place it on an empty corner or right under the window and complete with a pair of comfortable chairs.

For the space-conscious home owners, small dining tables offer a complete dining experience without taking up too much space. You can also easily change the overall look just by simple replacing the chairs.

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