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Simple Ways to Renovate Interior into Country Home Decor

As the idea of modern interior and exterior are getting more and more popular nowadays, it seems traditional designs like country home decor is starting to be forgotten. Indeed, in some ways modern decoration looks more adorable and of course up to date. But it doesn’t mean that something like country design is less beautiful. Even if you are interested in this idea, it is actually really good as you help to maintain such an old architecture design. Interestingly, it is not really difficult to design or renovate your home living into country. There are several steps that you can follow, here they are.

Natural materials are required

In nature, country home living is inspired by rural ideas like barn, farmhouse, and others. Well, just imagine your grandma’s home in the village. And to bring out this into your house or apartment interior, the application of natural materials like wood, bamboo, coarse bricks, and stones are needed. Even, they are not only used as the main materials but also the accents. Just let the furniture have its natural wood structure and colors. More than that, those materials can also be applied on the floor and as wall decoration.

Traditional touch

There is more innovation today when we talk about home interior design. It is about the combination between modern and classic, urban and rural, and others. Of course, the final result is really stunning as well. But if you want your home is naturally country, it seems traditional design whether for basic decoration and furniture is much better. Curvy window frames and sunshade and engraved furniture, in this case, is really good to be applied.

Similar to Rustic Design

There is a reason why people tend to think that rustic and country are the same. Both are representing natural and traditional or vintage touch. But actually, country tends to be much smoother than rustic. If rustic is mainly inspired from jungle-like architecture, therefore, country is all about village life. For this matter, country interior and exterior usually has lighter and warmer color ideas, like light brown, beige, and white. Meanwhile, rustic design is more related to dark brown.

Adding Country Decoration and Accessories

In general country decoration is also similar with vintage one. after you have done with main color decoration and furniture, you can start to decorate it by placing some accessories. For wall, you can hang old photos with engraved frames, antique plates, and the others. Arranging vintage tableware as decoration even in the living room is a smart idea also. Don’t forget about classic stuff like for clock and chandelier. Dimly but also light lighting simply supports this idea. Besides, make sure that your home has enough windows and ventilation so that air and sunshine can be circulated better.

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