Simple Kitchen Design: 14 Enviable Design Ideas

As one of the busiest part of the house, a kitchen should be designed to be simple and functional without sacrificing style.

Whether you decorate your kitchen with a bold design or only the basic furnishings, make it the perfect place to share, care, laugh, and love.

Inspire your next home improvement project with these simple kitchen design ideas.

  • Simple Kitchen Airy Design

A simple yet beautiful custom built-in kitchen set painted in ivory with a black top is a great space-saving decision to give more room for movements.

Simple Kitchen Airy Design

With a large corner window, you can experience cooking in a bright sunlit room that also allows for refreshing unrestricted air flow. Add a few decorative plants to bring a little bit of color to your kitchen.

  • Compact Simple Kitchen Ideas in Solid Wood

Maximize every space in the kitchen with this carefully designed solid wood kitchen set with matching hanging cabinet to organize kitchen appliances.

Compact Simple Kitchen Ideas In Solid Wood

It has an open dedicated place for microwave and simple decorative items. Place the sink by the window to invite more natural light into the kitchen.

  • Modern Simple Kitchen Design Ideas

With houses getting smaller and spaces even tighter, you would want your kitchen to be fully clutter-free and simply practical.

Modern Simple Kitchen Design Ideas

Utilize the spaces under the aluminum top kitchen island as storage for kitchen appliances, and install a hanging cabinet above it for more storage space. Place set of drawers by both side of the oven to for more surface and space to organize kitchen supplies.

  • Simple Kitchen Cabinet Ideas White and Green Color

The easiest way to maximize your kitchen space is by installing a built-in kitchen set, complete with matching hanging cabinet to organize kitchen appliances.

Simple Kitchen Cabinet Ideas White And Green Color

Brighten up your kitchen by dressing the kitchen set with lime green paint and black tinted glass top. Multitask easily between the sink and stove top as this simple kitchen design allows for swift movements.

  • Kitchen Simple Design Bright Orange Ideas

Another built-in kitchen set for a slightly larger kitchen, utilizing every square inch of the room with functionality. It provides complete kitchen necessities and plenty of drawers to store and organize kitchen appliances and food supplies.

Kitchen Simple Design Bright Orange Ideas

We like how the cooking area is one compact section with the stove top, oven and microwave brought closer together.

  • Warm and Homey Simple Kitchen Interior Design

Paint your kitchen with white, the most popular color used for kitchens, combined with wooden tops and drawer handles.

Warm And Homey Simple Kitchen Interior Design

Create a warm homey feeling for your kitchen with shades of the brown square tile backsplash. Organize things easily with ample drawers and cabinets, also a clever hanging plate racks that’s designed for easy access.

  • Simply Amazing All-White Kitchen Design

We love an organized, clutter-free space like this amazing all-white kitchen that provides plenty of storage space.

Simply Amazing All White Kitchen Design

Make a separate cooking area by placing the stove on the island, to allow more people to use the kitchen at the same time. Decorate the beautiful white kitchen with flower printed Roman shade and a bouquet of pink flowers.

  • Simple Kitchen Design for Small Space

A sophisticated sterile looking kitchen. White wooden kitchen set combine with tall shiny steel fridge – that matches the oven door – and patterned marble top.

Simple Kitchen Design For Small Space

Complete the look with light-gray square backsplash to create the perfect design for the kitchen with limited space.

  • Simple Vintage Kitchen Design Ideas

Thinking about remodeling your kitchen? You should consider this vintage-looking kitchen set for your home. A complete kitchen set with matching island painted in white and lined with brown wooden accents.

Simple Vintage Kitchen Design Ideas

A simple design that allows multiple people to work in the kitchen as it has two sinks.

  • Urban Simple Kitchen Decor

Complete the whole urban decor of your home with a compact solid wood kitchen set that offers maximum space for movements while still maintain a complete kitchen function.

Urban Simple Kitchen Decor

Double your dining ware as a decorative element by storing it on the open hanging shelves. Use white tile backsplash to make the kitchen area appear cleaner and slightly larger.

  • Kitchen with Simple Country-Style Design

Bring a country feel to your kitchen with this wooden kitchen set with hanging cabinet and black marble top with a matching island.

Kitchen With Simple Country Style Design

The hanging cabinet is beautifully custom designed to frame the kitchen window, to make a dark room slightly brighter. Everything is within hand’s reach in this kitchen set that has a dedicated space for dishwasher.

  • Natural Simple Kitchen Furniture Design

We absolutely adore how this kitchen brings out a sense of calmness and serenity with its combination of beige and white. Utilize the island as a casual dining table by placing a few matching stools.

Natural Simple Kitchen Furniture Design

Match the kitchen set with a white large refrigerator, and use the display of your dining ware on the hanging cabinet as a little decorative touch.

  • Simple Kitchen Design Ideas with Teak Wood Kitchen Set

Make everything easily accessible with this dark teak wood kitchen set. Find everything you need for your kitchen right behind the hanging cabinet doors or the kitchen set drawers.

Simple Kitchen Design Ideas With Teak Wood Kitchen Set

The kitchen set top provides plenty of space for cooking activities and placements of additional kitchen appliances, like a microwave.

  • Simple Kitchen Ideas with Dark Wood Kitchen Set

A great investment for any home is a timeless furniture piece that will last for a long time, like this dark wooden custom-built kitchen set with a white marble top for the kitchen.

Simple Kitchen Ideas With Dark Wood Kitchen Set

A large window that gives an abundance of natural lights has successfully balanced the whole ambiance of the kitchen. Match the floor by installing square tiles for backsplash in the same color.

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