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Side Tables for Living Room in some Remarkable Designs

There are some kinds of additional furniture you should better add, including side tables for living room. Okay, its placement is maybe not as urgent as the main living room furniture set. But undeniably, you must need it, like to put stuff and accessories like table lamp and others. It is so interesting then since in fact, many furniture stores are already providing this one. Fascinatingly, they are also available in many designs, colors, and even sizes. And if you want to know some cool side table designs for your living, you should not miss them. Here they are.

Classic Round Table

Classifying round table into classic style is maybe a little bit exaggerating. Well, in fact there are many kinds of modern tables produced in round shape as well. But if you notice its origin, that’s true. Round table is more about classic style or at least vintage – remember the legend of King Arthur’s round table? But by remembering that modern style itself is generated from the classic one, now seeing them in more minimalist designs is so common. Anyway, for more feeling of classic, it is better to have some engravings or curvy accents there, particularly for the feet.

Glass Table

Now we talk about something which looks more modern. It is about the presence of glass. Okay, glass is such an ancient invention in fact but it is so great to represent the modernity more. Glass side table is a good solution mainly if you think your living room is already too cramped – but you still want to add one more furniture. Of course, it is due to its sheer and transparent look. Combining glass idea with other materials maybe dark wood or bamboo is still stunning without lessening its modern look.

Minimalist Square Table

Not only glass which represents contemporary style but also anything which tends to look minimalist. And as round table as it has been mentioned before is about classic style, therefore, square table with clear cutting tends to look more modern. Sure, you also have to lessen its classic details so that it becomes more and more minimalist even at a glance.

Side Table with Unique Design

It is actually still a part from contemporary style in general. But it is also about how you apply something unique and adorable that maybe no one else could have it. How about asymmetric designed table? Or the one which is inspired by a snake? Besides, rather than putting cabinet slots there, your side table can also be designed just like a simple shelves. It is a smart idea actually since you can put many more accessories there.

Modern Rustic Design

If you look for the definition literally, rustic style is related to something natural but also traditional. And modern rustic gives you more modern vibe over its natural look. The result? It is indeed still so artistic and fabulous. Actually, it is still related to the use of coarse wooden or rattan but then blended by more minimalist design.

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