Purple Bedroom Curtains: 14 Enchanting Design Ideas

You can transform the bedroom into an enchanting sanctuary with a magical purple curtain. Curtains are versatile and an easy solution to change the mood of the bedroom. When combined with shades of purple the result is simply stylish and ravishing.

Which shade of purple bedroom curtains that is perfect for your bedroom?

  • Purple Bedroom Curtains with Calming Scheme

Splash a little lavender to the bedroom for a soothing and calming mood. The floor-to-ceiling lavender curtain beautifully adorns the natural lights streaming in from the window.

Purple Bedroom Curtains With Calming Scheme

A large, white multi-functional cabinet with built-in desk is complemented with lavender wall board to function as a place to attach photos and notes. A corner comfortable chair upholstered in pale lavender adds an extra space for seating.

  • Purple Bedroom Curtains Modern Design

The spacious modern bedroom looks very inviting with the addition of purple curtains that seamlessly flows from ceiling to floor. The curtain covers a few parts of the wall, making for a very flirty mood.

Purple Bedroom Curtains Modern Design

Outfit the wonderful modern bed with a matching velvet purple cover for a lavish look.

  • Purple and White Bedroom Curtains

Curtains don’t have to be ornate to look astonishing. The ripple fold of this minimalist white and lavender curtain gives a soothing and relaxing look.

Purple And White Bedroom Curtains

The scarf valance is designed to be cross-colored with drapery sides. The curtain would look exceptionally astonishing with white walls and ceiling

  • Beautiful Purple Curtain with Valance for Bedroom

This beautiful bedroom with soft lavender walls is designed to be very cozy. A purple round rug layers the floor between the bed and the bookshelf, with a white bean chair placed by the rug.

Beautiful Purple Curtain With Valance For Bedroom

On the farther side of the room is a classic white cabinet with an integrated study desk. The window behind is dressed with a beautiful floor-to-ceiling glittery purple curtain with valance, creating a dreamy impression to the room.

  • Luxurious Design Ideas

This purple-themed bedroom incorporates a variety of materials to outfit the room. The large classic wooden bed is dressed with a silky purple sheet, metallic purple cover, a cotton throw blanket and lots of different material pillows.

Purple Bedroom Curtains Luxurious Design Ideas

The decorative purple curtains with black trims wonderfully frame the bed. A velvet slipper chair is placed by the vanity table and adds more texture to the room.

  • Polka Dot Purple Bedroom Curtains

The neatly pleated purple-on-purple polka dot curtain looked astonishing against the white wall.

Polka Dot Purple Bedroom Curtains

The texture and the color of the curtain add a sophisticated and inviting look, and adding a few purple accent pieces can emphasize the effect to the room.

  • Girly Purple Curtains for Bedroom

Get out of bed every morning feeling like a princess in the beautiful sleeping nook. Dress up the corner with pleated light-fabric purple curtain and matching scarf valance to frame the corner and create a very sweet and enchanting scene for the bedroom.

Girly Purple Curtains For Bedroom

Cover the rest of the wall with ornament-patterned purple wallpaper that will stand out behind the crisp white cushioned sofa.

  • Lavish Purple Bedroom Curtains

The purple-themed bedroom with lavender walls and purple carpet floor is furnished with queen-size bed lined with lavender quilted cover and an accent orange arm chair is placed next to the bed.

Lavish Purple Bedroom Curtains

The white desk with transparent legs paired with a light-frame chair is placed by the window. A lavish floor-to-ceiling purple curtain with lavender edge provides protection to cover from the sun.

  • Cheerful Purple Curtain for Colorful Bedroom

Bring the fun to the bedroom with colorful colors and patterns to give a cheerful feel to the room. Line the bed with white linens, but cover the pillows in purple, pink and white chevron, and white faux fur – and throw in a colorful polka dot blanket.

Cheerful Purple Curtain For Colorful Bedroom

Replace the usual white work desk with a bright yellow one. And, with all the fun going on, balance everything with a simple purple curtain to layer the window.

  • Eclectic Bedroom with Purple Curtain

A bright and playful look from the combination of patterns, colors, and shapes. Use soft neutral color for the furniture to balance the look.

Eclectic Bedroom With Purple Curtain

A sleek gray cabinet provides ample space to manage clutter and organize personal belongings. The purple curtain that covers the corner windows is very soothing, calming, and bring balance to the whole look.

  • Bedroom Purple Curtains with Cream Accents

Although purple is a hue that works well with itself, but when combined with cream accents, it creates a subtle aura of opulent charm.

Bedroom Purple Curtains With Cream Accents

Dress the window with overflowing sheer purple floor-to-ceiling curtains over sheer white roman shade to bring a gradient of enchanting opulent look to the room.

  • Asymmetrical Purple Curtains for Bedroom

The walls of the bedroom have been lined with white and black flower-patterned wallpaper. A smooth off-white rug is layered on the floor to define the bed area, a white low bed with clean lines.

Asymmetrical Purple Curtains For Bedroom

Take benefit from the slanted ceiling by adding an asymmetrical window, and when lined with an asymmetrical sheer purple patterned curtain over white sheer, the look is enchantingly gorgeous.

  • Colorful Bedroom with Purple Curtains

When thoughtfully planned, a bedroom can incorporate multiple colors without looking overly decorated. The white framed bed with velvet deep purple headboard is lined with orange, yellow and purple patterned cover with a few throw pillows in a variety of patterns; above it, a charming arrangement of colorful paintings.

Colorful Bedroom With Purple Curtains

On the farthest side of the room are a bay area, furnished with an animal printed chair and a couple of pink plush. Ravishingly beautiful purple curtains adorn the window elegantly.

  • Elegant Purple Bedroom Curtain Ideas

The lovely bedroom is perfect for every princess-at-heart.

Elegant Purple Bedroom Curtain Ideas

Dress up the bed with purple velvet bedding set, and lined with white picket fence and flower accents; frame the bed with sheer purple fabric, supported by a few bars, to create a dreamy look. Enhance the whole look with a deep purple curtain to diffuse the light from the outside.

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