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Preciously Victorian Living Room

What do you think firstly after hearing the word Victorian? Yes, your imagination may simply fly away over the era at the end of 18th when Queen Victoria ruled the Great Britain. Since this type can be categorized as golden era and also commonly called as a transition between classic and modern era, surely, there should be many “interesting” things which come from this time. One of the terms which use the name of “Victorian” is regarding the interior design. Overall, Victorian design is not so much different with other classical designs.

However, you can just find that the details and cutting applied over there are not as complicated as those represented by Renaissance or Gothic style. Besides, Victorian interior design also tends to be lighter and more elegant. it is particularly related to the lighting applied which is commonly brighter and lighter so that the atmosphere accentuated is not as “gloomy” as other classic designs. Well, if you are interested in using this idea, you may simply start it from your living room.

Patel colors and details are often used to accentuate the ideas of Victorian living room, whether they are used on the wall decoration or probably the furniture. It is no matter at all to combine more than two color at once since you still consider the balance and beauty so that those will not make the entire room more complicated. Not only are Victorian designs about the application of pastel colors, you can also use other types of hues such as the bold and rustic. However, there is something which should be thought while deciding to use this type of colors. it is that the space of room should be larger and light so that it can lessen the sense of complicated and cramped.

Other important things about Victorian living room is about the furniture and items applied. As it does on other classical decoration, the furniture of Victorian style is commonly accentuating many details and antique accents. It is becoming another reason why you should spend more budgets when you want to apply this idea. Besides, the size of furniture also tends to be bigger and not simple at all so that the furniture will easily spend more space. Again, it is then really suggested to you to prepare a large room for the living room just before starting to apply such Victorian living room.

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