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Popularity of Black and White Striped Curtains for Joyfulness

Black and white striped curtains will beautify home decor and of course it will bring about joyfulness in each room inside house. Recently, the black and white striped pattern is more popular from time to time whereas it looks really simple as view but it can attract people’s attention to choose it as motive for everything regarding to fashion world such as dress, shoes, veil, trousers, hot pants, and many more. Nevertheless, in this segment, we are going to focus on talking about curtain with this motive or pattern.

What does it look like? Indeed, such discussion above it appears absolutely simple but it has specialty which can give another impression regarding to comeliness, so it means that it can adorn decoration of home as a whole.

Type of Striped Motive

Based on type, it is classified into horizontal and vertical. Firstly, horizontal shows lines from left to right and by carrying out this pattern in curtain it will be very nice. As a matter of fact, usually application it to cloth, it is functioned to give fat impression and it is suitable for people whose body is thin. This matter is also similar to curtain condition which will hand over this impression and definitely it is much better if it is executed in small room in the hope that the room will seem larger than before.

Secondly, vertical is lines which is shown from top to bottom. By learning this part, surely we are going to differentiate among those kinds of lines. In common, this line is often used for people who have fat body and to get slim trace, they are expected to wear cloth with this motive. Apart from that, as appearance this pattern is rather similar to zebra and for benefit of application in curtain, it can make house more adorable; certainly it must be utilized for large house. In this case, it is not allowed to put it in narrow room because it will give bad effect that can make the room narrower than real condition.

Later on, selection of those patterns depends on pleasure but we must remain supposing condition of our house if it is small or big. Referring to size of line, we may choose thicker black color than white or conversely and in shop, there are many incredible models of curtain that we can set up about black white theme.

True Application of Curtain Placement

We must be aware of correct placement of curtain and we has been understood that true application between usage of horizontal and vertical black white pattern in the curtain is obligated to suit to the real condition of house as a whole. Besides that, the curtain with this pattern can be directed at indoor and outdoor but for recommendation, a curtain for outdoor is constructed stronger to avoid to car and mouse that can damage it.

Way of Installing Curtain

In present time, to install the curtain we need rail in order that it can be opened and close every time we want.


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