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There are many interior home designs ideas that you can try. An empty room is just like a white canvas. Decorating your home with a certain design is just like painting a canvas with different colors.

The following design styles can be your inspiration. The rustic sense of shabby chic decor is very strong. This style uses a lot of art elements, making it perfect for you who appreciate artwork. This style is the core of comfort and coziness.

If you want to make a good living, you should use this style to decorate your home. Soft hues are a strong element that you can apply to multiple rooms in your home. Distressed furniture will make this style feel stronger. Old furniture has a naturally distressed look.

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If you want to create a distressed look on brand new furniture, you can create scratches by rubbing grit sandpaper. Pay attention to the different parts of your house, from the floors to the walls.

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You can also use sunflower as the main theme of your home. This style is so summery, especially when you combine it with other elements, like birds and light colors. Green and yellow can provide warmth on this design.

Please use similar patterns and accessories for every room. If the kitchen uses this theme, then the dining room should also put on the same pattern.

We also think that primitive decor can be an alternative if you do not like modern decor too much. This theme is so broad. We even can classify country decor as primitive because it has existed for centuries. There are several elements that make up this style, such as simplicity and tranquility.

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Comfortable Interior

Many people dream of having a comfortable abode. If you have the same dream, then this style should be your primary choice. Needlework and crafts are two items that represent this style strong. The essence is to use natural and creative elements from the past.

Kids love fairytales, so this theme can be a favorite option to set up a kid’s room. You can cast any spell you like. Pull all the fancy accessories that your kids love. The most important thing to remember is how you create a serene environment in a room. Ask your kids what fairytale they fancy the most. Each kid has a specific favorite fairytale.

There are many concepts that you can apply, so take your time to choose a good theme. Decorating with candles is also meaningful. Candles can be a source of peace and tranquility.

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Put candles in several rooms and ignite them in the evening. Not only candles can create peace, but candle holders can also be a great addition since they come in numerous designs.

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You can put tealight candles because they can create an exotic ambiance in a room. Candle holders can make a good focal point, especially if they have unique designs. For example, you can buy candle holders made ​​of glass.

Victorian chandeliers can also add class to a  room. Both items are able to complement each other. Putting these items in the same room will grace the room itself.

Apples are one of the fruits people often use in designing home. You can apply apple patterns in the kitchen to bring in the sunny times.

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