Open Concept Kitchen Ideas: Warm Up The House With These 15 Inspirations

Whether you’re living large in a sprawling mansion or comfortably staying on a small studio apartment, the ideas of open concept kitchen will greatly improve the look of your home decor.

With easy movement between different areas in the house, the open concept allows for everyone to have a warm and fluid interactions without having a wall in between.

We promise you will want to do a makeover right after you scroll through these images below.

  • Warm and Inviting Kitchen Open Concept

One of the perks of having an open concept for your house is the amount of space available, for when you need to invite people over for a certain event.

Kitchen Open Concept Warm And Inviting Ideas

You can easily serve snacks and meals right on the kitchen island for everyone to grab without a fuss.

  • Spacious Modern Open Kitchen

Money wise, having a few different function in one spacious area will also benefit you.

Modern Open Kitchen Spacious

It is because you can share both the decorative and functional features between areas, means less expense on interior details.

  • Modern Open Concept Kitchen Designs

Just as we said earlier, when you have a limited space to work with, the only way to make sure that the house have every single essential areas is by implementing an open concept.

Open Concept Kitchen Designs Modern

We know you can imagine how everyone can move around easily in this beautiful modern house.

  • Open Concept Traditional Kitchen Ideas

We would really love to sit on those comfy sofa, reading books or having a conversation with someone, while waiting for the baked cookies to set.

Open Concept Kitchen Ideas Traditional

Imagine a living room filled with delicious smell and an inviting atmosphere.

  • White and Blue Open Concept Kitchen

Entertain your guests with hearty meals, served straight from the oven to the table. It’s only possible without any walls or partition separating the dining room and the kitchen.

Open Concept Kitchen White And Blue

The space also looked exquisitely beautiful with exposed dark wood beams on the ceiling.

  • Scandinavian Open Kitchen Concept

There will be no cold days in the house, because having a kitchen right beside your living room will guarantee to keep everyone warm and cozy.

Open Kitchen Concept Scandinavian Design

The kitchen area is made distinct with the use of black wood on the chairs and kitchen island.

  • Airy Open Kitchen Design Ideas

We’re pretty sure everyone would love to make breakfast in the morning with a beautiful outdoor view.

Open Kitchen Design Ideas Airy Concept

This is a great example of an airy space where everyone can do their things and still connected to each other without boundaries.

  • Neutral Open Kitchen Design

The open space features a minimalist kitchen, a cozy living area and a warm dining area, all wrapped in a neutral color scheme.

Open Kitchen Design Neutral

It exudes warmth and inviting everyone to relax and enjoy every waking moment.

  • Open Kitchen Dining Room with Wooden Kitchen Island

Implementing an open concept will encourage you to keep things as clutter free as possible by utilizing storage spaces.

Open Kitchen Dining Room With Wooden Island

Here’s where having a kitchen island will benefit to organize items from different areas of the house.

  • Refreshing Open Kitchen Ideas

You can also apply the open concept to connect the beautiful outdoor with the indoor comfort.

Open Kitchen Ideas Refreshing Concept

A sliding glass door can be opened to bring a refreshing breeze of air to the space. So you can dress the kitchen with wooden details for a more earthy feel.

  • Open Kitchen Style with Wooden Floor

When it comes to the most calming combination between materials to decorate the house, it’s most definitely wood and white.

Open Kitchen Style With Wooden Floor

Notice how the kitchen and dining area is molded into one spacious room with the wooden flooring and the white walls and ceiling as the glue.

  • Exquisite Open Plan Kitchen Design Ideas

In an open concept kitchen ideas, you might be sharing the roof with a living room and a dining room.

Open Plan Kitchen Design Ideas Exquisite Concept

Each area can be made distinct by the use of furnishing. But with a similar color scheme everything will blend cohesively together into a beautiful unison.

  • Classy Open Plan Kitchen Design

It’s absolutely possible to apply a classy vintage decor to an open concept kitchen.

Open Plan Kitchen Designs Classy Idea

With a pantry and breakfast nook on the other side – complete with pretty round back chairs – right across the complete kitchen, we can predict that this area is going to be the busiest place in the house.

  • White Open Space Kitchen

Our favorite color for an open concept kitchen, you ask? It’s most definitely crisp white on everything.

Open Space Kitchen White Color

From the beautiful coffered ceiling to the stools by the kitchen island, you can incorporate any decor theme just by adding colors or decorative details.

  • Small Open Concept Kitchen Ideas

Transform your kitchen, simply by arranging the kitchen island area diagonally.

Small Open Kitchen Designs

With the kitchen more open, you can easily maneuver between areas without having to worry about bumping anything.

Open concept kitchen ideas are perfect for every home owners who prefer the an airy and flowing space without walls blocking the ways. So, are you thinking of a makeover project already?

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