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Newest Home Decorating Trends Overview

We’re going to reveal newest home decorating trends. New trends keep coming and the old ones must go away. This year, there are some trends that steal the spotlight. The first favorite is the camouflage style. A Chameleon teaches us to blend with the background. The essence of this theme is how we open up a space by using similar patterns. It’s so cool to try.

If you want to set up a small room, then this is probably the most perfect option. You can apply it to the living room or another room. Military patterns are usually used for this theme, but you can also try others. Decorating with this theme is all about fusion. Each element in a room should integrate with each other, from the walls, floors, accessories, to furniture. With so many newest home decors, let’s start from picking a bed.

Popular of Decorating Trends

A bed will be the center of attention in your bedroom and it takes much of the space. It can also be a focal point, so there are many things that must be taken seriously.

First, you should opt for proportionate colors. This design is all about combining several colors to create a matching look. You can choose green, blue, or other dark colors for the bed. If you apply mostly dark colors in the room, the rest must also have similar shades. It’s important to connect each element. Another hot trend today is filtered light.

There are many ways to take advantage of sunlight coming through your home. With some modifications, you can add aesthetics to your home. One way is by filtering light.

Trendy Decorations

Filtered light will look softer just like a lamp covered with fabric. Window blinds are a good implementation of this concept. During the daytime, you should use the sun as the main source of lighting. You can install cellular blinds or people refer to as honeycomb shades. The honeycomb structure is the reason why they are energy efficient. These items are available at many furniture retailers. There are plenty of styles to choose from.

Aside from choosing a nice style, you also need to decide whether you want to buy a single or double cell shades. Better energy efficiency is characterized by the higher number of cells. Even so, many people still stick with single cell shades. Combine them with curtains to create even a more captivating atmosphere. Read more about Home Curtain Trends 2013.

Dandy Home Decorations

If it is cold or hot in your area, a higher number of cells are probably necessary. It will cut down your expenses. In home trends, Brass is another trend popping up this year. Actually, stainless steel and other metals have been in the industry for so long. The inclusion of brass in home decorating is an old idea. When you use it as the main material of a room, it will take over the entire decor.

Even if it is just a little of brass accent, it’s still going to be the highlight. The best part is brass can add warmth to a room. Also, it is very versatile to sneak into the traditional or modern style. If you want to see a subtle gleam in your bedroom or living room, then you should bring some brass accessories in. That’s all about the newest home decorating trends.

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