Naturally Rustic Bathroom Vanities

In the world of interior design, the term rustic style or idea must be something common and familiar. However, it does not so if we are common people. Yes, the lovers of rustic designs tend to come from certain realms. Particularly they who have a high interest in art and culture.

Rustic interior designs are unique. You need to apply more coarse and natural materials, such mainly in the form of woods, bamboos and stones.

Rustic Antique Bathroom Vanities

Although it is called as “coarse”, it seems you still need to spend more money if you are interested in it. If the materials you want to apply are made from particular woods like teak or mahogany.

In this page, you will find more information regarding rustic bathroom vanities. Do you want to know more what they are? Just check them out.

Color Scheme

As it has been talked before, rustic ideas are mainly focused on the naturality and coarseness. If you want to have it, you should select a kind of natural and earthy colors as the main theme of your bathroom, including your vanity.

Custom Rustic Bathroom Vanities

What we call as earthy colors can be brown, blue, green, grey, black and so forth. In other words, you don’t need to put on other types of colors, whether they are the bright or pastel ones. It is okay to combine those all earthy colors at once as long as the scheme resulted is still beautiful.

Modern Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Something you should notice regarding this idea is the appropriateness of colors applied with the size of your bathroom. If you are interested in using dark colors, it is better if the bathroom you have is larger and bigger. For smaller bathroom, you should consider using other light colors like white, cream or mustard as the balancing.

The Materials Used

It is also explained before that certain materials particularly the natural ones are better to add the sense rustic. Of course, the cutting and varnish should also be noticed so that it can be really rustic. If you may choose a kind of vanities with smooth and clean varnish for contemporary designs, it should be still coarse for the rustic ones.

Unfinished Rustic Bathroom Vanities

The term “coarse” here means that you should maintain the natural color there. Besides, the varnish used should also not hide the natural structure and pattern of the materials, particularly if you use the woods and bamboos.

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