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Natural 2015 Green Living Room

In the case of interior design, the color applied plays so many important roles. It is not only about the the theme that you will finally accentuate. More than that, it can also produce an atmosphere, whether the atmosphere is good or bad. Neutral colors like white are common to be used in the home interior. Indeed, white tends to be light, bright, but also warn and calming. Besides, you can also combine the white with any other colors perfectly. But of course, white is not the only best idea to be tried. There are so many other beautiful colors that can simply beautify your home interior. For your living room, as an example, you should make sure that the color applied is that which is really calming and elegant. For that matter, it is not something exaggerated if the green can be a good decision.

Fascinatingly, there are now so many ideas regarding the 2015 green living room that you can just try. As you may know, what becomes a trend recently is the contemporary or modern style. And of course, the blending of green and contemporary style can be a beautiful thing. For this idea, rather than choosing pastel green, it is better for you to choose any light ones, including the lime green. Well, lime green is so necessary to accentuate the nuance of contemporary more. Of course, it is not bad to add any other types of green as the details or garnish so that the living room will not look too monotonous. the application of white as the balancing is alos really needed. Lime green is probably not as bright as yellow or red but in order to make the room look more calming and warm, certain neutral colors like white or cream will be needed.

The ideas of 2015 green living room is appropriate for you who want to realize the campaign “back to nature”. Rather than buying some artificial garnishes, it will great to have some planthouses inside. And of course, it is not bad as well to add some flowers in some other colors like red and the likes. The idea of light green including the lime green is probably better for contemporary living room. But how about the vintage one? For more touch of vintage, classic, or retro, it will be beautiful to use certain types of green, mainly the pastel ones.

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