15 Elegant and Modern Italian Kitchen Designs

Modern Italian Kitchen Designs – The Italian’s love of life has given the sleek surfaces and well-defined lines of a modern kitchen an open and amiable atmosphere.

An Italian kitchen is always attached to the daily life. Whether in appearance or placement, truly making it the heart of the house.

We are here to inspire you to give your kitchen some ‘la dolce vita’ with the all good things an Italian kitchen can offer.

  • Sleek Style in Black and White

An Italian modern kitchen demands sleek surface and clean lines on its furnishing.

Modern Italian Kitchen Sleek Styles In Black And White

We can see here. The floor-to-ceiling black and white cabinet has covered the entire wall with its distinct modern look. The kitchen island has managed to obscure its multi-functional features with the sleek black appearance.

  • Minimalist Idea

The minimalist modern kitchen is easily approachable without any island making a barrier between the living room and the kitchen.

Minimalist Modern Italian Kitchen Design

The openness of Italian character is shown by the extending arrangement of the kitchen units without leaving style and practicality.

  • Artsy Inspiration of Modern Italian Kitchen Designs

The state-of-the-art modern Italian kitchen is so inspiring. It has its own place in an art workshop.

Modern Kitchen Italian Artsy Inspiration

Truly, the flexibility and openness of an Italian kitchen makes it easy to be incorporated into any decor theme. It’s such a refreshing sight to see a kitchen surrounded by books and work of arts.

  • Elegant in Soft Color

The finest Italian taste is showcased in this elegant silver kitchen set with the dark wood shelves glowing with a suave charm.

Elegant Modern Italian Kitchen In Soft Calm Color

Practicality is among the main characteristics of an Italian kitchen design. It is shown here by the close arrangements and easy access to every functional feature.

  • Wood and Metal Ideas

With the half open ceiling, you can wake up every morning with the robust smell from a cup of Italian espresso reaching the bedroom on the mezzanine floor.

Modern Italian Kitchen Wood And Metal Combination

The shiny surface of the metal kitchen island is counter balanced by the wooden panels covering the cabinet doors. The unexpected combination of metal and wood generates a modern yet familiar look to the kitchen.

  • Warm Shades of Neutral Hues

The warm shades of brown used in this kitchen have not left the smooth and uncluttered look of a typical modern kitchen. The dark brown kitchen cabinets with metal accents are neatly arranged alongside the wall. The brown countertop extending perpendicularly to the ceiling and covering the entire wall.

Italian Kitchen Modern Warm Shades Of Neutral Hues

A sleek floating kitchen cabinet provides enough space to organize kitchen appliances inside its clean line.

  • Gracious Style

The walls of this kitchen have been replaced with frosted glass panels. That is to provide ample natural light while still maintaining privacy.

Modern Kitchen Italian Design Gracious Style

The black square tiles on the floor add a dramatic look to the gracious white and orange kitchen. The overall atmosphere of the kitchen is made casual and familiar with the open shelves showcasing kitchen appliances and dining wares.

  • Trendy Furniture

This modern Italian kitchen design is the epitome of practicality meets style.

Italian Kitchen Modern Design With Trendy Furniture

The practical arrangement of an Italian kitchen that ensures every functional feature can be easily reached just by a stretch of a hand, wrapped in a stylishly sleek and smooth kitchen set.

  • Open Concept

The amiable character of a traditional Italian kitchen is still preserved in the modern design.

Modern Kitchen Italian Design Open Concept

The welcoming atmosphere of the kitchen is shown by the open arrangement of the kitchen set. The kitchen still keeping it clutter-free with plenty of storage space hidden behind the sleek cabinets and drawers.

  • Black and White Idea

Often times, modern kitchen feels very detached from the real life with its all clean and sleek appearance. But that doesn’t apply to this modern black and white Italian kitchen.

Italian Modern Kitchen Black And White Design

The clean and sleek appearance is still maintained. But with the addition of seating and activity space within the kitchen, underlining that the kitchen is an intimate part of the daily life.

  • White Scheme

For some family, kitchen is truly the heart of the house that is always cozy. Kitchen also always welcomes for activities other than cooking and eating.

Italian Modern Kitchen White Scheme

The extended kitchen table in this kitchen can function as a casual breakfast area. It would also make a perfect place to enjoy a favorite book with a cup of latte.

  • Bold Grey Color with Family-Friendly Arrangement

Cooking for the holiday meals when families and friends are coming over shouldn’t be stressing.

Bold Grey Modern Italian Kitchen Family Friendly Arrangement

That is because the fluid arrangement of this modern Italian kitchen allows for multiple people to work together at the same time. No need to fumble through every cabinet and drawers to find that perfect plate to serve the meal. This kitchen equipped with plenty open shelves to organize and showcase kitchen amenities.

  • Bright Sunlit

The kitchen and the garden seems to blend seamlessly. But its actually separated by thin glass panels.

Bright Sunlit Italian Kitchen Modern Design

The generous influx of natural lights and the refreshing view of the garden outside are making the kitchen a comfortable place. The star of this modern kitchen is the casually stylish white kitchen set with sleek cabinet, open shelves and an attached black table.

  • Spacious Arrangement

The kitchen is purposefully designed to be interconnected to the dining area, only separated by a large white kitchen cabinet.

Italian Modern Kitchen With Spacious Arrangement

The other side of the wall is another kitchen cabinet that provides plenty of drawers to store frequently used kitchen appliances. The quick connection between the kitchen and the dining area makes it easier to serve hearty prepared meals when it’s still hot.

  • Chic Modern Italian Kitchen Designs

The glass panels on the side and above has helped in making chic look to the kitchen with the flood of sunlight.

Chic Modern Italian Kitchen

What makes this modern Italian kitchen adorable is the warm and approachable vibe coming from the open shelves, filled by real kitchen stuff.

The open display of dining wares and serving wares, the neatly hanged kitchen appliances, and bottles of herbs and condiments in the corner has really hit home.