Modern Bedroom Bench: 12 Stylish Design Inspirations

Dress up your bedroom with a modern bedroom bench to add a little more seating space with a big style.

With so many bedroom benches out there in the market – offering many choices of style, size, and material – it should be easy to find the one you want.

Now, let’s have a look at varieties of benches that might just be the perfect one for your bedroom.

  • Beautiful Ivory Color

It’s a modern bedroom bench that would make a stylish addition to your end-of-bed.

End Of Bed Bench Modern Ivory Color

Upholstered in a tough material with tufted seats for more texture. It has a curved black leg creating an overall clean line.

  • Mixed-Material Wooden, Stainless and Plastic Fiber

Here we have an interesting bedroom bench built from the combination of strong wooden frame, sturdy metal leg, and a plastic built-in drawer.

Modern Benches For Bedroom Mix Material Wooden Stainless And Plastic Fiber

The modernly designed bench is compact enough to offer you an extra space, and a mini integrated coffee table – with a clear white plastic surface on one end of the bench.

  • Unique Design

Add a surprising touch to the elegant bedroom with a modern bench that comes with a unique design like the above.

Unique Modern Bedroom Bench Design

Its sturdy frame covered with neutral patterned texture fabric would make a stylish addition to your bedroom.

  • Cubby Black

Style your bedroom with a multi-functional bench that offers more than just a little extra seating.

Modern Bench For Bedroom Cubby Black Color

The open front of this cubby type bench provides a little extra storage space to store your belongings, while you sit on the white cotton cushion.

  • Stylish Design

A stylish bench, modernly designed with clear lines, built from the strong wooden frame and seamless edges cushion.

Styles Modern Bench For Bedroom

This modern bench would be a smashingly stylish addition to your bedroom decoration.

  • Printed Fabric Grey and White

DIY Idea: Reupholster your old bench with a fully padded cushion, covered in printed pattern fabric that matches your bedroom decor.

Printed Fabric Grey And White Bedroom Bench

Good quality benches usually have a strong construction that lasts longer than the cushion, so it’s better to reupholster than buy a new one.

  • Curvy Idea

This uniquely designed tufted upholstered bench comes in a rather uncommon cushion shape.

White Bench For Bedroom Modern Curvy Design

It has 6 metal legs to provide strong support. The bench would make a surprisingly functional decorative detail in your modern bedroom.

  • Vintage-Style Modern Storage Bedroom Bench

Dress up your vintage themed bedroom with something more than just a seating space, but one that also provides a little more storage room.

End Of Bed Bench Storage Vintage Modern

This wooden vintage-style bench – lined with comfortable cotton cushion – comes with an open front and a built-in drawer for a little extra storage space.

  • Light Modern Bench Stainless Leg

Here we have a chic modern bedroom bench with light metal leg and smooth velvet tufted cushion that will blend in seamlessly into any bedroom decor.

Light Modern Bench Stainless Leg For Bedroom

Place it by the end of the bed over the lavish faux fur rug for a luxurious elegant feel.

  • Chevron Pattern Idea

Bring a punch of color to your modern room with a functional flip top bench. The bench offers a little extra seating with generous storage space.

Bench For Bedroom Modern Design Chevron Pattern Idea

The strong sturdy frame covered in a modern bright chevron fabric will draw much attention.

  • Edgy Modern Bedroom Bench

If you need to furnish your bedroom with something versatile, you might need to consider this edgy designed bench that can be easily incorporated into any decoration theme.

Edgy Modern Bedroom Bench Design

The top has wide angle armrests with tufted cushion and covered with a strong material in neutral color. The black smooth legs provide more than enough support.

  • Leather Bench for Bedroom

We really would love ourselves a modern leather bench for the bedroom.

Leather Bench For Bedroom Modern Design

A beautiful combination of wooden frame and cushion with sleek beige leather. It also seems that it provides a generous storage space right under the surface opening.