Modern Bathroom Mirror: 15 Ultra-Cool Designs and Ideas

It’s amazing how a seemingly small detail like installing a modern designed mirror in the bathroom can bring a huge impact to the whole look.

The perfect bathroom mirror should be one that enhances the whole look of the decor.

Now get inspired to improve the look of your bathroom with our collection.

  • White Curved Modern Bathroom Mirror

A must have mirror for a minimalist or monochrome bathroom. This sleek white mirror should be able to beautify your bathroom in instant.

White Curved Modern Bathroom Mirror

It has a modern curvy end, to conceal a top mirror lamp, and a glass shelf on the bottom

  • Stylish Borderless Modern Mirrors for Bathroom

Here is a truly sophisticated appearance of a rectangular borderless mirror with recessed LED lights, creating an illusion of floating; a perfect contrast to the black wall.

Modern Mirrors For Bathroom Stylish Borderless

The mirror goes really perfect with the floating solid wood vanities.

  • Bright Rectangular Bathroom Mirror Modern

Dress up your bathroom with style. This stylish LED-framed bathroom mirror would be perfect to be placed against a dark painted wall, right above the table-top vanities.

Bathroom Mirrors Modern Bright Rectangular

Its generous rectangular side adds more benefit as it can be used to make a small bathroom appear larger.

  • Round Metallic Modern Bathroom Mirror Ideas

What a beautiful monochrome bathroom need – with gray tile wall and furnished with a gray cupboard and a simple bathroom sink – is a round bathroom mirror with an embossed metal frame.

Modern Bathroom Mirror Ideas Round Metallic

A simple yet fashionably stylish addition for any bathroom.

  • Floating Square Modern Mirrors Bathroom

With bathrooms getting smaller, the only way to go is minimalist furnishing.

Modern Mirrors Bathroom Floating Square

Install a floating bathroom sink that also provides an open shelf for organizing small towels. Place a square frameless bathroom mirror with concealed LED lights on the back to make the illusion of floating. Its simultaneously making the room appear larger.

  • Natural Round Modern Mirrors for Bathroom

Bring the beauty of nature to your bathroom. Furnish it with a lovely long wooden table for two simple white bathroom sink.

Modern Mirrors For Bathroom Natural Round

Complete the whole look with a pair of uniquely designed round mirror bathroom with wooden frame.

  • Ultra-Stylish Modern Bathroom Mirrors with Lights

Make your bathroom a space to show your personal style by using the right appliances. Install a pair of identical white bathroom sink, with a matching drawer for each one.

Modern Bathroom Mirrors With Lights Ultra Stylish

Place a rectangular medium-sized bathroom mirror with LED frame above the sink to add a different kind of lighting.

  • Sleek Oval Bathroom Modern Mirrors

Why install one or two mirrors when you can have four in your bathroom wall? Here we have a custom-built brown and white bathroom set with 2 sinks. It also comes with plenty of drawers to organize towels and other bathroom supplies.

Bathroom Modern Mirrors Sleek Oval

Now the interesting part, install two large oval mirror above each sink, and another two smaller oval mirror adjacently.

  • Glowing Round Modern Bathroom Mirror

If you fancy a retro style for your small bathroom, you might want to copy this bathroom decor design. Place a patterned sink table in a corner of the bathroom, use a vintage blue-tinted glass sink above it. Then add a round glass bathroom mirror with concealed blue LED lights to create a glowing illusion.

Modern Bathroom Mirror Glowing Round

Add a few more decorative items like wall lamp, glass vase and faux flower and a small painting to complete the whole look.

  • Rounded-Square Glass Bathroom Mirror Modern Design

Nowadays, manufacturers came up with so many stylish products to decorate our rooms. Wise enough to choose one that fit your need.

Bathroom Mirror Modern Design Rounded Square Glass

For a small bathroom like this, for example, we suggest you place a rounded square glass mirror with attached LED light. It will provide benefits by making the room appear slightly larger and also act as an additional lighting.

  • Creative Modern Design Bathroom Mirror

Everyone will love this bathroom mirror! You won’t see a bathroom mirror like this anywhere else.

Modern Design Bathroom Mirror Creative Idea With Lights

A cleverly designed full-body bathroom mirror with attached glass shelving, a compact surface to place the sink, complete with built-in lighting. It’s a truly compact mirror that every bathroom need.

  • Black-Framed Modern Mirror for Bathroom

Dress up the vanity area with a laid-back black wooden sink table that provides a few storages for organizing bathroom supplies, and an open shelf to place a fresh towel basket.


Modern Mirror For Bathroom Black Framed

Install a matching black-framed rectangular bathroom mirror that fits the wall perfectly.

  • Mosaic-Framed Bathroom Mirror Modern Design

Bring a touch of elegant art with a beautiful oval bathroom mirror framed in stunning multi-color mosaic.

Bathroom Mirror Modern Design Mosaic Framed

It goes perfectly with the classic style bathroom sink, and we particularly love the classic decorative white vase above the tempered iron side table.

  • Chic Bathroom with Modern Round Bathroom Mirror

You don’t have to feel crumpled in a small bathroom with the right decor. Dress your bathroom with functional items that provide the basic necessities, but with style.

Chic Bathroom With Modern Round Bathroom Mirror

Create a focal point by lining one side of the wall with black patterned wallpaper, and then furnish the bathroom with a black wardrobe that provides enough storage to organize towels and bathroom supplies, a frameless round bathroom mirror above the sink.

  • Sleek Rectangular Modern Style Bathroom Mirror

A basic necessity for every bathroom is a simple mirror that can be easily incorporated into any decor style – should you decide to remodel in the upcoming years.

Sleek Rectangular Modern Style Bathroom Mirror

This rectangular bathroom mirror with a clear and light frame is definitely one piece that any bathroom could use.

What do you think about our collection above? Hopefully you can get inspirations from there.

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