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Maroon Living Room

Sometimes, you may have a plan to design or change the color of your living room. Of course, it is really reasonable. As a front liner of a house, living room will be the first room to be seen by the guests while coming to your house. If you are rather bored with such “ordinary” color ideas, you can try another one which seems different, one of them is maroon. Maroon living room can actually give many interesting senses, such as calm, warm and also glamorous at once. Besides, maroon can also be matched well with any home interior style, whether the modern or classical ones.

Although there are so many benefits of having such maroon living room, there are also some other things you have to notice if you want to use it. The first is maroon is a sort of red hues which seems darker and not bright at all. It is good if you have a big room, but if your room is small enough, surely, you have to lessen the intensity of maroon in it. You can only use the maroon only as the accents or decorations while for the remainings, such neutral colors like white can be better applied.

The maroon can also be used on the furniture and other items. Yes, although it is not wholly use on the wall, you can still use the maroon as the main theme of your living room. It seems not a big deal if your room is big enough. But of course, since maroon is quite dark, you must still balance it with other light colors like white or cream.

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