Majestic Purple Bedroom Ideas 2015

Purple is often used as the symbol of luxury and majesty. Well, even in many kingdoms, particularly in the older times, it seems that they had used this color as their symbol. It seems not something exaggerated of course. Until now, when you use purple, like a purple dress or a pair of purple shoes, you can just simply look more glamorous. Anyway, this color will be perfect as well for your home interior design, mainly for the bedroom. Moreover, purple is a favorite color for many people, particularly for the young girls. But actually, it is not bad if the couple or the men are also using this color as the main idea for their bedroom. Surely, it is if you also want to accentuate the nuance of elegant and luxurious more over the bedroom. Here are then several purple bedroom ideas 2015 that you can try. Just continue your reading.

Although the use the same color, it is purple, it surely will be different between the purple bedroom for the kids, teenagers, and also the adult. For children and teenage girls bedroom, you can just use the light green as the main ideas. Well, it is not bad to combine it with any other colors like yellow or even red so that the nuance occured will be more cheerful. Of course, in order to deepen the sense of purple, this color should be dominated. Certain accents like bubbles or polka dot can also be added so that the bedroom can look cuter. For the teenage boy or young men, it seems better if the application of purple is combined with certain styles like contemporary or rustic. As you know, contemporary which tends to be minimalist will be more necessary for men’s bedrooms. On the other hand, rustic which looks “coarser” can also simply represent the sense of masculinity.

For couple bedroom, it seems not bad to use purple for the whole part of the bedroom. Yes, purple can also be so romantic. Surely, in order to avoid the sense of monotonous, it is better to use several types of purple like dark purple, light purple, and even violet and magenta. It is better as well to use white to make the atmosphere more neutral and not too cramped. Anyway, darker purple will be better for larger bedroom. Meanwhile, if you think your bedroom is not too large, it is better to choose the lighter ones.

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