Living Rooms

Magnificent Ideas for Living Room Paint

Talking about interior design, it seems that we cannot be separated from the term of coloring or painting. Surely, the color applied in a room will influence the whole atmosphere and design. Therefore, it is not something exaggerated if you should consider more what colors you want to apply. it is probably not a big deal while you want use your favorite color inside, whatever it is. however, for other rooms such as the living room, surely, there are many things to be considered since it is not your private area. To solve this problem, here are several ideas regarding the living room paint that you can try. So, what are they? Just check them out.

Natural Color

Using natural color over the living room is probably one of the “safest” idea. Surely, natural colors like white, brown, cream and probably blue and green will lessen the risk of inapropriateness later. But although it is said that the application of natural color is safe, you should better still notice the term of balance. It means that you should be able to combine well the darker and lighter color so that the room can look livelier and not too monotonous. As an example, if you have chosen furniture in rustic brown, it will be much better if the wall painting used is a kind of color which is lighter such as cream or white.

Pastel or Blush Colors

Pastel and blush colors are other ideas if you still want to lessen the risk of “terrible” result but you are interested in making the room more colorful. Certain pastel colors like pink, mustard, milky orange or blue can be such good alternatives for your wants. Well, although this idea will make the living room look so much feminine. Although it is good to blend the colors with such modern designs, it seems good also to apply it over modern home interior.

The Application of Bright Colors

Bright colors in term of interior design is risky, indeed. However, if you want, it seems no matter to try it. All you need to do is just combining the main bright color with the others which are softer or natural. As an example, if you like using red as the main color theme, it is better for you to combine it with another natural color like white. Therefore, you can still keep your living room comfortable even if the main theme color applied is really bright.

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