Living Rooms

Lovely Black and White Living Room Decoration

Black and white are two types of colors which are really in contrast. Therefore, it is often used in many situations and events as the main theme. They are also very beautiful to be applied over home decorations, including the living room.

As you probably know, living room is more than just a room must be provided. More than that, it is also a front liner of your house which is firstly seen by the guests coming. Applying black and white colors can be in many ways, whether you prefer the sense of modern, vintage or classic.

Since black and white are really natural, they are really appropriate for modern and contemporary living room. Of course, the white must be used as the main background and then the white is used as the accents and furniture as well. applying more white than black is good also if you think the living room you have is quite small. It can just make it look more spacious and comfortable.

For vintage style, you can try the idea of checkerboard, mainly for the tiles. On the other hand, floral or lacy accents will be great to be applied for classical sense.

Sometimes, you may find black and white decoration is too monotonous. Therefore, it will be a good idea also to add other colors mainly the bright ones such as red, green or yellow. Besides, you can also put on several green plants in order to make the living room look more beautiful and refreshing.

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