Living Rooms

Living Room Paint Ideas

The colors applied over a room will simply influence the atmosphere, indeed. Therefore, it is not something exaggerated if you should think more about the colors chosen. Since living room can be said as the front liner, of course, the easthetic side and also the comfort should be presented as well as possible. There are actually several types of colors that you can use and also the effects that may be accentuated. Here are then several living room paint ideas you can use as the reference, so, just check them out.

Natural Colors

You can say that this idea is the simplest and safest options to beautify your living room. There are several colors which can be included in this classification, such as white, cream, rustic brown, green and blue. Using those colors can lessen the risk of terrible appearance later. Besides, they are also good for any condition of living room, whether it is large or small. Another benefit of having this type of paints is that the interior design will look more refreshing and relaxing.

Pastel Colors

For you the lovers of classic and vintage designs, it seems that the ideas of pastel colors are really appropriate for you. Overall, pastel colors are good for giving the sense of classy and luxurious without making it look too cramped and complicated. Besides, since the colors are presenting something soft and warm, just like the natural ones, you can also use those colors in any living room whether the space is large or narrow. However, it is better for the narrow living room, if you combine the pastel colors with furniture and accessories which are less complicated in details. Besides, adding more windows and ventilation is good also to make itkeep refreshing and comfortable.

Bright and Neon Color Application

Using bright colors is something risky actually. However, if you know how to arrange them well, you can actually still lessen the risk. The first is by making sure that the space you have is large enough or at least, not too narrow. Besides, it is better also to combine the bright colors with other types of hues which are neutral, suchas white or cream as the balancing. Adding more windows and ventilation is good idea as well since you can just keep the toom inside refreshing and more comfortable. Then, if you have used one of the bright colors over the wall decoration, it is better to lessen its usage on other items like furniture or accessories.

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