Kitchen Counter Stools in 4 Fancy Designs and Ideas

Things like kitchen counter stools are often being forgotten when we talk about furniture for kitchen. Indeed, for some reasons the placement of island and cabinets seem much more important. But if you want to make your kitchen look more beautiful and comfortable, the stools are really needed to add.

If you have a plan to buy them then, it seems you should know some designs and ideas which are getting popular this year. What are they? Check them out.

  • Kitchen Counter Stools Minimalist Design

Minimalist doesn’t mean it will look cheap and not prestigious. Even, the minimalism can make your furniture look more elegant.

Bar Stools For Kitchen Counters_Contemporary_Wooden

It is what being tried to bring out by some stools idea which accentuate modern or contemporary concept. Undeniably, modern and minimalist equal each other. It means when you have a set of kitchen furniture along with stools in minimalist design, you have it look modern as well.

Modern Bar Stools For Kitchen Counter

It is so interesting then since whatever the materials you use can just support this idea. Well, wood, bamboo, and wicker is appropriate if you love natural nuance and stainless structure if you prefer being more futuristic. Minimalism actually doesn’t deal with color at all. But yes, if what you want is to deepen its minimalist look, neutral colors like black or white is just more relevant.

  • Antique Stools

Antique furniture is indeed more about the representation of classic idea. But as you see literally, classic doesn’t mean out of date. It is in fact still fabulous to be presented even recent days so called as modern.

Kitchen Island Counter Stools

Details with traditional nuance are what being focused here. More engravings and details can even make this idea look more expensive and of course prestigious.

  • Country Design

Living in an urban area is so interesting and cool of course. But sometimes, we must miss rural or village nuance along with its barn and farmhouse. So, why don’t you realize it inside your kitchen? Kitchen bar stools are so great if they are in country or rustic.

Rustic Wooden Counter Height Kitchen Stools

And indeed, if you are a movie buff, there are many Western-theme movies which show us how great western-country bar stools are. The application of natural materials like wood or bamboo are really good here. Even, it is much more artistic if you can add coarser nuance just like the rustic style.

  • Tropical Inspired Stools

You must agree that tropical areas along with their cultures and traditions are really inspiring. Fascinatingly, they are just good for your kitchen stools ideas.

Modern Counter Stools For Kitchen Island From Wooden Tropical Inspired

Again, you must present the natural materials like wood, wicker, or bamboo here. Then, some simple ideas like swivel chairs and also stools without backs can be added to deepen the sense of tropical.

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