How to Select Qualified Bathroom Vanities without Being the Experts

Bathroom vanities are maybe a kind of stuff which cannot be easily separated from our daily activities. Of course this statement is really reasonable by remembering we need to keep ourselves clean and healthy. And yep, a good selection of vanities can even make our bathroom interior look more adorable. That’s why, there are some considerations we should take before choosing or buying this furniture.

Bathroom Vanities

Certainly, all of us must want the best and qualified vanities to be installed. However, this expectation is sometimes unable to realize for certain factors. One of them is regarding of limitation of knowledge about which vanities with high quality are and which ones not. Actually, without being a furniture, bathroom, or interior experts we can decide the most qualified vanities by checking some matters below.

The Price

The easiest thing to do is by checking the price. There is a common perception that higher price means higher quality. For this first idea, be sure that you come to the most recommended and trustable store. Therefore, such a bad experience is being tricked can be avoided.

The Materials

In fact, the price is not always being a clue whether the thing we will buy is really in a good quality or not. Therefore, make sure that you have a common knowledge related to the furniture materials. Commonly, bathroom vanities are made from marble, stone, wooden, glass, or ceramics.

Chic And Vintage Wooden Bathroom Vanity With Double Marble Sinks

If you have to choose one of those materials, the best materials out of them is the marble for some reasons, like in term of durability and strength. Marble tends to be thicker with similar structure so that it cannot be easily cracked, different from ceramic, wood, or glass.

Another material should be chosen is the natural stone. However, it seems natural stone is only appropriate for certain interior design like rustic, country, or maybe modern-natural design. Well, it doesn’t mean that other materials are less suggested then. But make sure to be sharper in selecting them. For wooden vanities, as an example, teak is the best choice for its strength, durability, and resistance toward water.

What are Included in It

Purchasing a vanity means that it should be in one set. Generally, a good vanity must include sink,  bathroom cabinet, and also mirror. For small bathroom used by few people, vanity with single sink is enough.

Classic And Elegant Bathroom Vanity Ideas With Double Mirrors

However, if you think the number of bathroom users are more, it seems double sink is much better. And yap, it will influence the price as well. Therefore, be sure to think more about it before starting choosing one of them.

The Designs

The designs are not directly related to the quality indeed when it is still on the shop display. But when you have installed it, you can see that it will influence your bathroom appearance a lot.

Contemporary Bathroom Vanity From Light Wood With Modern Design And Large Mirror

Double Black Bathroom Vanities With Wooden Cabinets And Mirrors In Elegant Design

Double Small Vanities For Small Bathroom In White Color And Country Design

Grey Bathroom Vanity

Modern And Contemporary Bathroom Vanity Unit With Cabinet-Mirror Design

Modern Rustic Wooden Vanity With Marble Top And Round Mirror

Modern Wooden Bathroom Vanities With Sink Console And Large Cabinets

Shabby Chic Wooden Bathroom Vanity With Double Sinks And Mirrors

Simple Small Vanity

Single Bathroom Vanities With Wooden Bathroom Cabinet And Framed Mirror

Single Wooden Vanities For Bathroom Furniture With Single Sink And Faucet

Small Rustic Style Bathroom Vanity With Natural Color And Bowl Sink

Small Vanities_Marble Top_White

Vintage Bathroom Vanities In White Color And Simple Design

White Double Bathroom Vanities And Double Sinks In Classic And Luxurious Design

Wide Bathroom Vanities With Double Modern Sinks And Large Mirror Design

Wooden Bathroom Vanity With Single Large Vanities And Travertine Top

Wooden Single Vanity Withmirror And Cabinets For Small Bathrooms

Double Vanities With Double Mirrors And Sinks For Modern-Designed Bathroom

Elegant Vintage Vanity For Bathroom From Wooden With Large Mirror

Minimalist Bathroom Vanities With Big Double Mirrors And Wooden Cabinets

Well, be sure with your bathroom interior design at first is then so damn important. Modern bathroom is of course matched more with vanities in modern design. Then, black or white color is better to choose if you want your bathroom look more minimalist and neutral.

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