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How to Mix and Match Living Room Furniture and Interior Design Properly

Selecting a kind of living room furniture is maybe an activity which is interesting but also confusing at once. It is due to the fact that they may be many things to be considered. As living room itself is the front liner of your house, it is reasonable that you may want it to be the best.

Actually, whatever furniture that you finally pick is not a big deal. It is as long as you know how to mix and match it with your interior design well.

So, what should you do to achieve such a good-looking living room? Here are some ideas for you.

  • Deciding the Main Design and Theme

So many interior designs offered outside indeed. That means you can be more flexible in choosing one of them.

Best Living Room Furniture With Wooden Table And Rug

At least, you should know what you must do toward the living room itself, whether you you love it look modern, traditional, classic, or maybe country style.

  • Purchasing that Kind of Furniture

After knowing how the living room should be, you then can start to hunt a sort of furniture which is appropriate with the theme you already decide. Of course, it means that the wall decoration in general is already adapting that design.

Best Living Room Furniture_Grey

Make sure you also consider the materials used and also colors to achieve the best result. Oh well, if this is for renovation thing, it seems you don’t need to buy the new one. Changing seating or sofa upholstery or leather and accessories is enough.

  • Thinking About the Placement

The placement of furniture is important to make the atmosphere feel more comfortable. That’s why you are not recommended to buy a set of big furniture if your living room is not really big.

Best Living Room Furniture__Transitional

If you want to remain more space, intersectional or transitional sofa is suggested. Other furniture like cabinets can only be placed if there is still possible space – you still need to remain free space there. Or, another possibility is by using cabinets as a room partition.

  • Color Combination Ideas

Except you want to apply rustic or Gothic design which tends to look dark, bright, light and pastel color ideas are suggested more for you. Of course, you have to make sure your guests feel comfortable as well when they are in your house.

Living Rooms Furniture_Sectional_Beige

For modern interior, neutral color can be used as the domination. It is mainly to deepen the sense of minimalist yet elegant. The bright colors like red, orange, or green on the other hand can be used as the accents. Let’s say you already use white as the wall decoration, it is okay if you want to place red or orange furniture. But if you want to play safer, certain colors like grey or brown can also be a good choice.

Meanwhile, for classic or vintage interior, warm and pastel color palette looks more appropriate. Certain colors like grey, beige, pink, maroon, and the likes can never be wrong in general.

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