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How to Arrange the Small Living Room Well

There are some problems which are commonly faced by people when they want to renovate or beautify the living room. It is about the size or space which is small or narrow. Yes, it is not too much to call it as “problem” since there are many things you should think more, indeed. It is like how you can make it still look comfortable and not stuffy or how you put on the furniture without making it cramped.

Of course, this problem will not a problem anymore as long as you know how to trick it well. Overall, the tricks regarding small living room is quite easy to be applied and even you don’t have to spend more money for this. Here are then several smart ideas of small living room for you, so, just continue your reading.

Rather than spending money for enlarging the room, it seems better to use the budgets for adiing more windows and ventilation. This way tends to be simpler, healthier and more affordable. There are surely many benefits you can find by having such a living room with good ventilation.

Yes, you can simply let the air and sunshine circulate well so that the room will be more refreshing and more comfortable. Besides, the room will have enough light without you have to turn on the light a whole day. After ensuring that the windows and ventilation are done well, all you need to do then is selecting furniture and items which are matched with the living room size.

Of course, “match” here means that you have to remain more space for the people “moving”. Therefore, the activities done inside the living room will not be disturbed just because the condition of living room which is cramped by the furniture.

Selection of colors for wall decoration and furniture is also important to make the living room look more beautiful and also comfortable. Such neutral and natural colors, let’s say white, cream, mustard, light blue, lighte green and pastels are considered as the best colors to be chosen for small living room.

Well, in other words, the bright and neon colors are categorized as colors you should avoided, except if you only use them as the accents or accessories. Choosing minimalist or modern interior design is also better than if you prefer the classical ones. it is by remembering that modern designs tend to be simple without too many application of details.

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