How to Apply Bathroom Cabinets in Line with Interior Designs

Despite a good tub and shower, your bathroom must also need other furniture including the bathroom cabinets. Of course, there are some bathroom utensils in which you need to keep them staying dry, like towels and other stuff. And undeniably, the presence of bathroom cabinets tend to make the bathroom interior itself look livelier and not empty. Anyway, the designs of furniture so-called cabinets themselves are divided into some types. And sure, you should also consider those types, which one appropriate with your bathroom interior design the most. At least, we know 5 types of cabinet designs for bathroom. Check them out.

Contemporary Designs

Recent interior designs will never be able to separate from a design namely contemporary or modern. And if you can apply it well, you can find your bathroom feel so stunning and remarkable. As other furniture idea, contemporary or modern design is focused on what we call as minimalism. It means that the interior should be minimalist in term of details and accents. For furniture like bathroom cabinet, you can choose one of them which has simple and clear cutting as well as the accents. In term of color, it depends on your taste actually. However, in order to deepen that minimalism, it seems neutral colors like white or brown are recommended.

Classic Designs

If there is the modern one there must be the classic one. Well, our nature is always balance like that. So, how does classic style looks like? It is quite difficult to define actually as classic interior itself represents so many cultures and ethnics in nature. But if we limit this case into the western or European style only, you can refer the classic ideas to Victorian, Tuscan, or maybe French Country. And that’s true, cabinets for bathroom with classic designs let you have more details like in the form of engraving, curves, and also more traditional knob ideas.

Rustic Designs

For you who love ideas which are closely related to the nature, this one must be really likable. How about the application of coarse wooden on each side of the bathroom? And certainly, it does as well for your cabinets. Just like other ideas, rustic cabinet can be expensive and prestigious also. And for the matter of using woods or bamboo with coarser structure, that’s what makes this idea look more artistic and unique.

Vintage Designs

Cabinets with vintage or retro designs aminly adapt the transition between modern and classic style. In common, it is presented in simpler and more modest way. In term of placement, you can adapt what popular during 50’s to 80’s era like placing one of the cabinets over toilet or near the sink. This idea is really good to be applied along with other compliment stuff including mirror and single or double sink.

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