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Home Color Trends 2013 with Beautiful Carpet

Using or wallpaper carpet to make such a colorful sense in your home is a great idea. Not only does the carpet become the floor cover that is made to protect the home floor from the dust, but also the carpet can be used to give the heat. Some factors that you can be considered in selecting the right carpet are size, form, design, and color. You do not worry because now, we are talking about the carpet color. Kinds of the carpet designs that  you are going to see to have so many different colors and the carpet color is suitable to beautify your home.

The colorful carpet is the color trend of the carpet. The variation of the color and motif in the carpet can support to realize the theme of the room. For instance, the rainbow motif can create the romantic impression in the room. Do you know what the rainbow motif? The carpet with rainbow motif is the carpet that has the various colors and the various colors are combined each other.

The functions of the colorful carpet in the home color trends 2013

Beside the colorful or rainbow carpet can create the romantic impression, the carpet has other functions. Firstly, the carpet is used as the foundation of the home furnitures. The home furnitures will be avoided from the direct movement with the floor. Secondly, the carpet gives the enjoyment when you are walking in the home. The carpet has the different materials and textures from soft textures up to rough textures. The differences can give the sensation when the feet touch the carpet in order that it creates the enjoyment for you. Then, the carpet can be used as the noise reduction. Lastly, the carpet can create the focal point soon. By putting the different color, you can make the focal point that is created by the colorful carpet.

Some motifs and colors that is provided in the home color trends 2013

There are some motifs of the colorful carpet provided in the market. The motifs are: plaid, zebra, polka dot, floral and many others. Don’t forget to match the motifs with the main color of your house so that they could be more beautiful and elegant.

Which one do you choose? The home color trends 2013 with carpet present the colorful carpet with some beautiful textures.

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