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Home Ceiling Trends with Sky Ideas

The sky ceiling is one of the most popular home ceiling trends in this year. If you are bored with your home design, the sky ceiling design can be alternative solution for your problem.

The sky ceiling will give the beautiful and interesting impression in order that you will not be bored when you are in your home. Furthermore, the new condition of your home will present from the different appearance that is created from the sky ceiling design. Beside that, you will feel as though you are seeing the real sky if you see above.

The Effect of the Home Ceiling with Sky Design

The ceiling design affects the beauty of the home. The design of the sky ceiling present to beautify the home design.


Home Ceiling Trends 2013 Twilight

The home design is needed the new innovation so that the home does not appear boring. Changing the home ceiling to be the sky ceiling is the solution in order that the home does not look boring. How to design the sky ceiling? Do you know that?

The Designs

How to design the sky ceiling? The sky ceiling is designed by using the spray technique. The effect of the spray paint is applied in the sky ceiling.

The spray technique appears difficult because the sky pictures are the complicated pictures so that you must have the particular expert about the spray technique. However, you do not feel worry about that. You can remain learning it. These are the ways how the home sky ceiling is designed.

For foundation paint, it should be suited to the sky color (blue color). The paint should be diluted with the water in order that the paint is average.

  • To get the maximal output, the paint is applied for the middle part by using the roller.
  • For the edge part, the paint should be applied by using the paint brush in order that the paint looks average.
  • To construct the cloud, you put the white paint into the spray gun and you add the water into the spay.
  • After that, you can begin to construct the cloud.

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