Finding Out 4 Differences of Country and Modern Styles in Kitchen Curtain Ideas

In this section, we are going to find out differences between country and modern style in kitchen curtain ideas. Although this time is modern era, country style is still popular in society because it will give natural impression and besides that people can remind moment in previous time ago, so they give opportunity to apply the country style to home decor including all rooms such kitchen, living room, etc. For real fact, indeed a kitchen is room where we will prepare menu of breakfast, lunch, and sinner and it is usually located in the furthest part of house but excellence of this room is really significant and has an impact on delicious taste of food that has been produced.

Another side, modern style in this modern era is surely mostly used by them since the most people take pleasure in this style. Actually, either country or modern style both has the similarity and the difference as well as both has comeliness to each other. About difference of both styles, we will know as follows.

About Size

Of course, about size the country and modern styles have distinctive size and it is indeed main characteristic presented both styles. As a matter of fact, size of window in country style is smaller; so, it can be concluded that curtain of modern style will be bigger, longer, and larger. For home design directed at the modern style, we frequently discover giant glass window which obligates us to provide the same size of window.

About Material

On average, polyester material defined as artificial cloth is absolutely dominant in the country style and previous people consider that it is really qualified. Meanwhile, silk material which has shining texture is mostly presented in the modern style. Precisely, according to survey result both styles are distinguished by used material and it is included essential characteristic among those styles.

About Pattern

Talking about pattern of those styles either country and modern, we must observe deeply to find out major characteristic among them about this area. If we see in model of curtain found in country style, we can derive notable and clear information that mostly the country cover window will own full motive regarding to flowery and we are going to connect it to color which is made so bright. In contrast, we shall be shown that the cover window in modern style is designed smoother and plain and whether it is supplied pattern, it is not really dominant because theme of this style is elegance and luxury which decrease flowery and pattern which is too excessive.

About Model

However, related to model country style looks simpler than modern style. There is no unique form presented in this style and in another word, we can just usual model.

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