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Feeling Nostalgic with Shabby Chic Home Decor

It is always a pleasure to decorate the house with shabby chic home decor. When you think about accessories to adorn your home, you will either get what you need or not at all. Certain styles are really demanding. You even have to provide extra effort to look for accessories that fit those styles. That goes for the shabby chic style.

Contrary to the modern style that looks very simple, this style requires certain elements and ornaments like Classic French Country Home Decor. Typically, the essence of beauty of this style lies in old and worn furniture. When you hear the word “shabby chic”, you will be instantly reminded by old and vintage furniture.

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If you pick them right, it will be good. Otherwise, it will end up with a mess. Since this style can be hit or miss, you need to consider everything carefully.

Vintage Decor

First, why don’t you try using vintage furniture? As we said before, using vintage stuff is probably the easiest way to get the feel of this style. It is all about looking aged and old. You can’t just pick brand new furniture because it is not the element of the style.

How do we get old furniture? Well, auctions are the best place to begin with. You can get the most old furniture pieces from these events. Vintage stores also sell old furniture. It just takes more time to look for these stores since their popularity is nowhere near new furniture manufacturers.

Shabby Chic Home Decor - Vintage

In terms of price, old furniture pieces can be cheap or expensive. It really depends on the artistic value that an item has.

Shabby chic home decor is all about the great wall decor. Wall decor should be chosen carefully. As with other elements, each style has its own wall decor. You can use wall decals with particular motifs. Another alternative is to hang a painting showing art or an old picture.

Well, the walls should get the same treatment as other parts of a room. Not only does the furniture should look old and vintage, you also have to make as if the walls have been constructed long ago. The right color application plays an important role here. If necessary, you can do more extreme things, such as using grit sandpaper to create an old look. The windows also need to have scratches, so do other parts.

Memorable Home Decor

You have to have these things if you want to embrace the style in total. Now, we’ll talk about materials for shabby chic home decorations. Linens come across as the most favorite material for this style.

Shabby Chic Home Decor

Another popular choice is cotton. When you see a room filled by linens, a nostalgic feel will come out of nowhere. For you who grew up with this epic style, this material will always remind you of how beautiful and understated the old houses were. That’s the main reason to use this material.

Unfortunately, linens are so costly. If you can’t afford it, there is still cotton though. Cotton is much cheaper, but it requires proper maintenance to last long.

More picture ideas that you can adopt:

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