Fascinating 2015 Purple Bedroom Ideas

There are so many beautiful colors in this world and surely, everybody must have his or her own favorite color. From those colors, it seems that purple has so many enthusiasts. Indeed, this color can simply represent the sense of glamorous and majestic. Based on that fact, if you want your bedroom look a little bit royal, you can just choose purple as the main color theme. Indeed, purple is more associated with the bedroom for the girls. But actually, even if you are a beardy man with muscles, it is not bad to use purple as the main bedroom theme as long as you know how to make this color looks more masculine. So, are you interested in the 2015 purple bedroom ideas? Here are some for you.

It seems we can just simply imagine how if the purple is blended with such girly designs. Of course, feminine purple bedroom is something common today. But it is not bad to talk about it anymore. Whether your bedroom is in classic or contemporary style, purple bedroom with feminine touch can be realized by the application of bubblegum or floral accents. and yes, it is so appropriate for kids or teenage girls. But if you want purple bedroom ideas look more mature, you can just adapt the modern style in which all your purple furniture and accents are designed in more minimalist way. It is something like the application of  plain wall with geometric or clean lines accents. besides, certain natural colors, particularly white can be stunningly combined with this idea. On the other hand, if you want your purple bedroom look more manly, it is not bad to combine the color with something like rustic brown and the likes. Well, purple is probably a little bit weird for rustic or country style. But if you want, you can just try it to accentuate such a unique sense.

Anyway, that’s true if you want any masculine bedroom, such dark colors like rustic brown may be added. But you should not forget that those can simply make your bedroom look so cramped as well. for that matter, make sure also that you add any other natural colors like white, ivory or cream. Besides, you can also play with the room’s lighting to give brighter sense. More windows and ventilation are also suggested for avoiding the cramped sense. And above all, this kind of purple bedroom ideas in 2015 is better for larger bedroom.

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