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Blue Living Room Designs – Elegant Looked!

What we apply over our home living can simply influence our daily life, indeed. If you think your house is beautiful and comfortable, of course, anything you do inside will feel more interesting.

In contrast, house which is not treated and taken care well cannot make you want to stay longer. Based on that fact, it is not something exaggerated if we must make our house as beautiful and as comfortable as possible.

Navy Blue Living Room Designs

The front line of our house is probably the living room. Yes, in this place, you can welcome your guests. For that matter, this should be one of the parts of your house that should be beautified. One way in order to make it look more beautiful and elegant is regarding the painting.

What do you think about blue coloring? Yes, blue is one of the natural and earthy colors that can just make a room feel more comfortable and stunning. What you can do with the blue? Just check them out.

Kinds of Blue Living Rooms

One of the ideas related to the blue living room designs in this year is about the baby blue. Particularly if you want to bring out the nuance of vintage, baby blue or pastel blue can be a good choice.

Baby Blue Living Room Designs

Of course, it is much better to combine it with any other colors as accents. So that, the room will not look too monotonous. If you want to deepen the nuance of blue over the living room, any other types of blue like dark or duck egg blue can be added.  Or, you can also add some other earthy colors like green, cream or brown.

Light Blue Living Room Designs

For you the lovers of modern or contemporary style, one of the blue living room designs you can try is regarding the light blue. The coloring of plain light blue will make the room look larger and also elegant. Of course, just like the previous idea, you can also add any other colors to lessen the sense of monotonous. But something to be remembered is, contemporary style will not need to many details like the vintage does.

Combine with Other Colors

Brown And Blue Living Room Designs

Well, do you think that those colors will be too monotonous? Just give more touches of the brighter ones like red, orange, and yellow. Oh yes, vintage or classic style is probably better for large room. It will contain too many details. But with such colors, you can also apply the style over your narrow room without making it so cramped and stuffy.

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