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Easy Ways to Implement Vintage Home Decor Properly

Vintage home decor is an idea which is quite popular even in this modern day. Yes, vintage interior is actually a part of classic home decor but it represents the more contemporary look. You can also refer vintage style to the ideas popular around 50’s to 80’s. And although you may find it “so yesterday”, in fact, it looks so unique. Well, if you are interested to implement this vintage idea there are several ways to realize it. Here they are for you.

Basic Decoration

The basic decoration for vintage decor is actually almost similar with the modern design in general. Of course, you can say that vintage style is the transition between classic and modern idea. It means that it is already simple and minimalist in nature but there is still some classic details. The details are represented on wallpaper or patterned tiles. For the appropriate types of the details themselves, they can be floral, striped, or polka dot.

Another important thing you should consider is regarding the application of windows and sunshade. Yap, it is much better if the shape of windows along with ventilation are adapting classic style. The blending of classic style with minimalist wall decoration can make the sense of vintage is felt more.


Talking about home interior design is not complete without mentioning furniture. So, how about vintage furniture? The application of table with chairs is more deepening the sense of vintage indeed, better than sofa. Moreover, if you have them which are full of colors and patterns, mainly for the upholstery. The idea of vintage chairs with thin wooden feet are more recommended as well.

You should also do similar thing to to other furniture like shelves or cabinets. Generally, cabinets with country look tends to be more appropriate for vintage interior.


Of course, accessories or ornaments are really needed particularly for accentuating a certain style or design. And vintage accessories are quite easy to be found if you really intend to. Maybe, you can go to your grandma’s warehouse and look for whether there is still any stuff that can work well. Even, there are also many shops which provide old electronic devices like radio or TV that can support your vintage interior.

Another thing which becomes a characteristic in vintage home interior is regarding the artworks like painting and also photograph. Rather than choosing a contemporary painting which tends to look abstract, it is better to choose the realist one. Meanwhile, try to put some old-style maybe with black and white color photographs along with the frames for wall decoration. Another ornament which symbolize vintage era perfectly is about the use of classic tableware particularly plate as the ornaments, whether they are hanging on the wall or simply put on the shelves.

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