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Dining Room Ceiling Design: 15 Gorgeously Inspirational Ideas

From coffered to cathedral, our dining room ceiling design plays an important role to define the overall decor theme.

Consider the climate and surrounding environment before deciding which type of ceiling to use. That is because you want a dining room that’s not only looking gorgeous, but also offer adequate air circulation.

Scroll through for our inspirational dining room ceiling designs below.

  • Ceiling Design for Industrial Dining Room

The ceiling design of this industrial dining room is purposefully made to provide a slight opening for the recess lights to softly illuminate the space.

Ceiling Design For Industrial Dining Room

The two concrete planks above the wood and metal dining set extends from the wall on one side of the dining room.

  • Ceiling for Dining Room Classical White

We always love how the barrel coffered ceiling design lends a classy and elegant appearance, perfect for a formal dining room.

Ceiling For Dining Room Classical White

It’s even more perfect with the sparkling chandelier hanging from the ceiling and a couple of candelabras on the naturally glowing wooden dining table.

  • Unique Dining Area Ceiling Design

Undoubtedly, it’s going to be hard not to notice the unique ceiling design of this modern dining room. Inspired by the coffered ceiling design, but with a more dramatic depth and character.

Dining Area Ceiling Design Unique Style

Did you notice that it matches the built-in shelving on one side of the wall?

  • Round Cutout Dining Ceiling Design

The recessed light from the round cutout ceiling feature a soft illumination to the dining room. At the same time drawing everyone’s attention to the brilliantly sparkling chandelier.

Dining Ceiling Design Round Cutout

Place a formal dining set with round table, and you’re all set.

  • Dining Room Ceiling Beams with Gray Scheme

The ceiling of this beautiful dining room is purposefully designed to feature a contrasting look from the combination of dark gray and white accents.

Dining Room Ceiling Beams With Gray Scheme

A pretty chandelier is hanging from the center of the ceiling to amplify the vintage decor theme.

  • Tiered Tray Dining Room Ceiling Contemporary Design

The tiered tray ceiling design with blue recessed light, that matches the sprawling ocean on the outside.

Dining Room Ceiling Contemporary Design Tiered Tray Ideas

It lends an ultra modern look to the dining room without being pretentious.

  • Beautiful Dining Room Ceiling Design

With a dining room lined with the calming shades of natural brown from the glossy wooden surface and marble flooring, choose white tray ceiling with white recess light to beautify your dining room.

Dining Room Ceiling Design Very Beautiful

Spice up the look with unique shaped lighting fixtures above the dining set.

  • Wood and Lights Dining Room Ceiling Ideas

With the privilege of having a dining room surrounded with lavish green trees, invite the outdoor to your indoor space by adding nature’s element.

Dining Room Ceiling Ideas Wood And Lights

Blend seamlessly with the surrounding. Lline the floor with rustic wooden parquet and decorate the ceiling with naturally glowing wooden cutout.

  • Dining Room Ceiling Light Soft Color Ideas

Who would’ve thought that instead of cramping the place with visual elements, the combination of patterned curtains and patterned wallpaper can lend the dining room a subtly luxurious atmosphere.

Dining Room Ceiling Light Soft Color Ideas

Balance the look with a simple white tray ceiling design.

  • Luxurious Dining Room Ceiling Molding

Inspired by the Victorian age, this luxurious dining room is dressed with exquisite leather upholstering for the formal dining chairs.

Dining Room Ceiling Molding Luxurious Style

An impressive medieval chandelier hanging from the coffered ceiling.

  • Bright Dining Room Ceiling Wood

The dining room looked bright and airy, thanks to the transparent ceiling above the dining set. It provides an abundance stream of sunlight for the whole area during the day.

Dining Room Ceiling Wood Bright Concept

It is also feature the beautiful starry night sky on the evening.

  • Japanese Dining Room Ceiling Design

Are you looking for an exciting alternative to beautify your Japanese inspired dining room?

Japanese Dining Room Ceiling Design

With traditional Japanese paintings, vases, and figures amplify the overall decor theme, a tray ceiling with Japanese wooden ornament addition would perfectly suit your need.

  • Modern Ceiling Design for Dining Room

This is an excellent example of how the right ceiling design can bring different element into a unison.

Modern Ceiling Design For Dining Room

The different textures and materials of this contemporary dining room blend seamlessly into one elegant space.

  • Simple Elegant Dining Room Ceiling Design with Mirrors

So, your dining room occupies a limited space, and you’re looking for a way to make it interesting?

Simple Elegant Dining Room Ceiling Design With Mirror

Install a mirror on the ceiling above the dining table, not only to give an illusion of a taller ceiling, but also offer your guests a unique dining experience.

  • Wooden Beams Ceiling Design for Dining Room

Match the slanted wood walls and the naturally glowing wooden dining set with an exposed wooden beams on the dining room.

Wooden Beam Ceiling For Dining Room

It will subtly add a warm texture and character to the space without disrupting the overall balance.

The dining room ceiling design can make or break your overall home decor, consult with your interior designer before making the decision.

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