Cute Polka Dot Bedroom Ideas and Inspirations

Bedroom is probably a right place to escape from any problems we face outside. Since it is a private place, we can do anything we want inside. Whether it is studying or just sleeping.

Besides, it is really free for us to explore all our feelings and ideas in order to produce more comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom. One of them is regarding the interior design.

If you are a girl, even if you are already growing as adult, it is surely no matter to have a Barbie or Hello Kitty bedroom. The bedroom is your own, so, you can do anything to it.

Anyway, from many ideas and designs for the bedroom, it seems that the polka dot bedroom is one that you should try. The accents of polka dot are commonly only applied for the kids or teenage girls bedroom. That is so true, indeed. But, there are many other ways to make the polka dot accents look more “mature”. So, here they are.

  • Use Polka Dot as Bedroom Accents

While designing the interior of the bedroom, you may already know what you should apply as the main theme. You may prefer using a certain color like red, green, or probably purple on it.

Polka Dot Bedroom for Kids

Then, the polka dot accents can be set as the garnish. It can be in the form of wall sticker, carpet, rug, and probably your bed cover.

The polka dot accents should be adapted with the main color already applied.

  • Great for Any Age and Genders

Colorful polka dot will be good for more cheerful sense. That’s why it is commonly applied in the children bedroom. But of course, for the men bedroom, it will be better if you use any masculine colors like dark green rustic brown, navy blue, or even black.

Beautiful Polka Dot Bedroom for Girl Teenagers

And for the women, it seems more easier for you to choose the colors. Surely, it is more appropriate for the women to have pink polka dot accents in their bedroom rather than the men.

There are still many other polka dot bedroom ideas to be tried.

If you prefer the vintage style, it will be great to put on the polka dot accents in the form of vintage wallpaper by using pastel colors as the main theme.

The wallpaper can be applied for the whole parts of the bedroom. But for contemporary decoration, of course, it is better to apply the polka dot on the certain parts in minimalist ways.

Still need inspirations? We have some picture of polka dot bedroom ideas as below. Check it out.

Black and Blue Polka Dot Bedroom Ideas

Black and Pink Polka Dot Bedroom with Beautiful Curtains

Blue Wall Polka Dot Bedroom Design

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Polka Dot Bedding Red and White

Polka Dot Bedroom for Teenagers

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Soft Pink Bedroom with Polka Dot Design

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