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What do you think firstly after hearing the word bedroom renovation? Yes, you may easily think about changing the wall paint, furniture or even the interior design. Well, it is something reasonable, indeed, by remembering that people are commonly renovate the bedroom in order to change the atmosphere. For such renovation, it seems you need to spend more budgets, indeed.

However, there are actually many other ways you can do to improve a bedroom’s condition. One of them is by adding wall sticker. Particularly for kid bedrooms, having some colorful stickers on the wall can be a good idea without making you break the bank. Here are then several tips and tricks you can use in relation to the kids wall stickers, so, just continue your reading.

The Designs

A good kid bedroom should have a certain design and idea. Even, it is common for parents to apply a particular theme such as Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse and the others.

Kids Wall Stickers

Therefore, it is much better if the wall sticker you have is also in the same theme to make the atmosphere inside more beautiful and not too complicated. If the bedroom is not already in certain theme, it seems much freer for you to select the wall stickers.

Since the stickers will be applied on the wall of children’s bedroom, it is better surely to apply them which are colorful. Something like flowers, trees or maybe owl in cartoon graphic seems much better for children.

Applying in Plain Wall

It is said before that colorful stickers are much better for children. However, there is a note that you should notice. It is that the stickers are good for being used in plain wall, not wall with pictured wallpaper.

Kids Wall Stickers Tree

If you really want to add stickers on it while the wall is already with wallpaper, it will be better to release the wallpaper firstly and then paint it with a certain color which reflects the characters of kids, let’s say the pastels, blush or bright colors. Or, if the stickers will be really colorful, using neutral colors like white is a good idea as well.

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Cool Kids Wall Stickers

Although it seems easy, attaching wall sticker is not something easy. It is mainly if you don’t have any experience in installing it. It is better you don’t do it yourself, at least, asking someone else to help you is better to avoid the risk of inapropriate result.

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