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Creative Small Apartment Decor Ideas

We will share you some small apartment decor ideas. A small room is a small room. It will not get any bigger unless you widen the area. However, visual effects can trick your eyes.

What would you feel staying in a room painted in pure white? Most likely you will think that the room is quite spacious even though it’s quite small. Visual effects can really work on your favor as long as you know how to do it. Every owner of a small apartment would want to see the interior look more spacious.

In this matter, colors play a very important role. It is one popular way to create a visual effect. Actually, there are a lot more ideas that you can try besides playing with colors. After all, choosing a color palette is still necessary.

Color Palette

For a small apartment, earthy tones are the best option. You can use the same tone for the entire area. Another thing you can do is to add visual height. The following tips can help you make the ceiling look higher.

First, it is advised to paint a frame along the edges of the ceiling. Use the same color or one tone lighter than the walls. The first impression you’ll get after doing this is your apartment will look taller.

Lighting also affects the whole room. The human eye is very sensitive to light. It can also be tricked using certain techniques.

First, make sure you have installed window blinds. They should be in light colors. During the daytime, the sun would penetrate through the blinds and light up the whole room. This natural light will visually expand the size of your apartment.

Use the Empty Space

Make the most of the room space. You should not let the corners be empty. In addition to installing regular lamps, you should also put some in every corner. When it comes to style, you can pick whatever design you like. Some manufacturers sell unique lamps with various shapes and designs. These decorative lamps will give a unique touch to your apartment.

It is better to go with low-voltage bulbs. Your bedroom is not necessarily illuminated by bright lamps. Low-voltage lamps will add aesthetics to the room.

Did you ever consider indoor gardening? Indoor gardening is getting more exposure this year. It is basically a method to grow plants in a room, be it in a house, apartment, or others.

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Indoor Plants

Not all people love greenery. But if you do, then this is a brilliant idea. Plants will keep the air circulation in your apartment, making it fresh all day long.

The good news is plants can also create the illusion of a bigger space. There are many types of indoor plants that can be found in garden supplies store.

Ficus trees are getting more recognition from plant lovers in the past few years. You can plant a ficus tree or another species for home decor. Just go to a garden center. There you will find a wide variety of garden plants with their gorgeous looks.

Last but not least, keep everything simple and uncluttered. The minimalist design is the answer for those who have a small apartment. There are many approaches to this style, such as limiting the number of items in each room, choosing simple patterns, etc. That’s some small apartment decor ideas.

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